Beyond your studies

Beyond your studies

Beyond your studies ~ You studied X at Y. now what?
HackPra, July 2018

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The complete series:
I - your future
II - you
III - your surroundings

A student's life ago, the author somehow managed to graduate.
On the way, he made a lot of mistakes -- and he still does.
A few people since called him 'successful', but LOL, if only they knew....
And now, the author will do another (big!) mistake:
instead of hiding in shame as he probably should,
he'll share his mistakes with anyone bored enough to attend,
in the hope that he's the last person to ever look that dumb to commit such mistakes.

If you're a genius and you know what to do in life, please skip this. Seriously.
If, like the author at the time, you wonder WTF is going on with graduation, professional work and life, then hopefully you learn a few things. Maybe.

Btw the author is 42 (WTF - old!).
Maybe that will help to provide a few answers.


Ange Albertini

July 11, 2018