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Information security is thankfully not limited to what experts know and can do, because they can’t do much on their own, and non-experts will always be the weakest link. An important part of Infosec problems is about dealing with ‘standard’, non-expert people.

So…let’s just tell them that they’re idiots, that they shouldn’t use ‘123456’ as password (and change it every week), install an antivirus, auto-update their system, stop clicking on links, uninstall Flash and Java!

Problems solved! We told them. What else do you expect? Oh, they won’t listen? Stupid ignorants. We did our job, didn’t we? It’s their problem…

Maybe not? This talk is about your relation with the non-technical people we have to deal with - whether we like it or not - in the world of Infosec.


Ange Albertini

October 17, 2018