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Akira Morikawa

March 08, 2019

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  1. Empowerment Camp 2019 Spring IMAGINE Mar 09, 2019 @ariaki4dev -ER

  2. What is happiness in your life

  3. What will enrich your heart

  4. What will be ahead of your path

  5. What do you choose to make your life

  6. What’s your kind ?

  7. Possibility The answer is,

  8. The possibility, present and future, of being able to grow

  9. BTW

  10. Do you feel your own possibility ?

  11. I didn’t, I was confused.

  12. But, I was craving for happiness.

  13. I had known despair.

  14. I had some failures, I had some setbacks, I had

    some defeats.
  15. When I have lost the meaning in my life. When

    I felt like ending it all. What should I do ? “ ”
  16. The answer is, to have a hope.

  17. My hope is, to eliminate despair from the world.

  18. I will create happiness with this hand.

  19. My strength is to be able to imagine.

  20. I am an “ imagineer ”

  21. I will be a “ creator ”


  23. What do you want to be ?