Continuously delivering continuous delivery

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July 26, 2017

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

The rise and acceptance of Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a key tool in accelerating the journey to continuous delivery of your apps into production with the regularity your business requires. However, all too often the deployment and maintenance of the platforms themselves are dogged with the practices and delays that the CD of apps are all too familiar.

This session will serve as both an introduction and overview of the power of PaaS platforms, in this case Pivotal Cloud Foundry, with a selection of both application and platform case studies, continuously deployed all the way to production, in business critical and highly regulated environments.

Whether you're dealing with apps or globally distributed platforms, we hope to demonstrate that small batch sizes and continuous deployment are not only achievable but essential; no more 2am releases, no more working the weekends during "maintenance windows"

Speaker Bio: Ben Dodd has spent the last 6 years continuously deploying swarms of Microservcies to Platform as a Service environments. It’s been a journey fraught with challenges, mistakes and dead ends. Experience with organisations of all sizes has given him valuable insight into the value of true DevOps and Continuous Deployment in delivering and demonstrating confidence in hugely complex platforms, distributed globally and trusted with an organization's Crown Jewels. He is a regular speaker on topics such as Concourse CI, Cloud Foundry, continuous delivery and cloud native transformation within the enterprise



July 26, 2017


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    I want to build Pipelines now! … jobs: - name:

    job-deploy-myapp plan: - {get: resource-myapp, trigger: true} - put: resource-deploy-myapp params: manifest: myapp/manifest.yml path: myapp
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    Problem 4: We need to scale & update Updates every

    4 days; 2 weeks to test each… So, when do I get my new feature?
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    Deploying a PaaS Observations in the field 1. Organisations create

    their own PaaS 2. Organisations use an existing PaaS but deploy it manually 3. Organisations test a platform once when they go live 4. Organisations have a massive outage & can’t recover in time 5. Organisations need to update multiple times a week 6. Organisations need to scale by X; making 1-5 X times worse!
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    Continuously Delivering CD Finally, some top tips! 1. We kept

    a high line & stuck to our guns 2. We did TDD [using BATS] 3. We focused on the What? & Why?, not the How? it worked before 4. We didn’t have “prod” & “staging” named envs 5. We deployed in sociable times 6. We constantly optimised for short feedback loops