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Component Architecture

Abstraction is cool but it MUST be balanced with the "Principle least power"

Use these 3 levels technique to avoid "wrong abstractions" as "least power" is better than the wrong abstraction.


Azizi Yazit

April 19, 2021


  1. First-level Component Compounding <accordion-header> <accordion-content> <accordion-group> Second-level Component Configuring <section>

    <ng-template #header [ngTemplateOutlet] [ngTemplateOutletContext > <ng-template #content [ngTemplateOutlet] [ngTemplateOutletContext > Third-level Component Specifying <org_name-accordion [group]=“[ { header, content }, { header, content }, { header, content } ]” > org_name-accordion Abstraction Principle least power NG-Material / NG-Zorro Your Organisation Component Your Products Component