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Seacon Keynote 2018 - Being Agile in Business

Belinda Waldock
September 10, 2022

Seacon Keynote 2018 - Being Agile in Business

Running and growing a business today requires an attitude and approach that enables teams to turn new opportunities into valuable products. Products that capture and sustain the markets attention in a faster, smarter and more effective way.

Agile and Lean models provide the mindset and methods to enable organisations to navigate the constantly shifting business and technology horizons. They provide models for developing new products and services that gain significant competitive advantage despite the markets constantly shifting forces.

We will explore why and how agile works, and the attitudes and approaches that teams adopt to help to improve their agility.

Watch the video at https://beingagile.co.uk/event/agile-business-lean-enterprise-being-agile-in-open-banking-seacon-2018-london/

Belinda Waldock

September 10, 2022

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  6. @belindawaldock www.beingagile.co.uk

  7. www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock Delay delivery until completely ready

  8. Insist on written orders www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  9. Haggle over precise wordings www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  10. complete unimportant jobs first www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  11. Insist on perfect work www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  12. Insist on doing everything through channels www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  13. Never permit shortcuts to expedite decisions www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  14. Refer all matters to committee for further study and consideration

    www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock
  15. Make the team as large as possible, never less than

    5 www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock
  16. • • • • • • • • limiting agility

    www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock
  17. 17 https://www.cia.gov/news-information/featured-story-archive/2012-featured-story-archive/CleanedUOSSSimpleSabotage_sm.pdf www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

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  30. www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock Retrospective Sailing www.beingagile.co.uk @belindawaldock

  31. working environments that empower teams to be agile

  32. Belinda Waldock @belindawaldock www.beingagile.co.uk belinda@beingagile.co.uk uk.linkedin.com/in/belindawaldock