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Customer Experience made tangible (english) #learningCX

Customer Experience made tangible (english) #learningCX

One of the main reasons why products, services and startups fail is ignoring the own customers.

Service increasingly becomes integral part and in some cases even main element of offerings. Deep understanding of customers enables to identify and optimize the crucial details to turn into significant improvements for business and customer.

This entertaining and insightful talk illustrates that by using real-life examples. It serves as introduction into a core apsect of customer-centricity: appreciation for good customer experiences.

#CustomerCentricity, #CustomerExperience, #CX, #ExperienceDesign, #ServiceDesign #learningCX

Benno Loewenberg

February 16, 2022

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  1. @BennoLoewenberg   CLOSE YOUR EYES …   … think about

    the last time you had a remarkably good experience with a product or service. What made it so great ?
  2. @BennoLoewenberg  DESIGN FOR EXPERIENCES  You can support good experiences by

    providing (service through) solutions designed to make customers feel smarter and to keep their flow.
  3.   CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE  1. What is this ? 2. Do I

    trust you ? 3. What are you offering me ? and if it passed the ›moment of truth‹ positively: 4. How do I get it ? Source: Seth Godin
  4.   DON’T LOVE THE SOLUTION  »Success is not delivering a

    feature; success is learning how to solve the customers problem« »Don’t try to find customers for your product,  instead find a product for your customers« Sourcen: Mark Cook & Seth Godin
  5. Sourcen: Charles Eames & Dieter Rams   DETAILS MAKE OR

    BREAK IT  »The details are not the details. They make the design « »Good design makes a product understandable and is thorough down to the last detail «
  6. @BennoLoewenberg   EDGE CASES ARE THE NORM  “Real customers often

    struggle with ‘simple’ details; your solution must cover those scenarios or it will fail for them most of the time”
  7. Source: @BennoLoewenberg aft. Andreas Koch   CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS  “A bad

    service digitalized, becomes an even worse service.”
  8. @BennoLoewenberg Photo: @BennoLoewenberg  FACILITATION  turning trash into service   “Cardboard

    boxes at your disposal. Pls. help yourself, see you soon …” 
  9. @BennoLoewenberg   WALK IN YOUR CUSTOMER’S SHOES  Avoid stupid ideas

    and poor customer experiences through taking the customer’s perspective and her/his context into account.
  10. @BennoLoewenberg Source: World Food Programme   WHEN WFP THINKS OF

    FOOD DELIVERY …    WHEN YOU THINK OF FOOD DELIVERY …  Context & focus: convenience Context & focus: survival
  11. @BennoLoewenberg   CRUICIAL SUCCESS FACTOR  + Experience Design is Customer

    Service + Experience Design is Product Quality + Experience Design is Branding + Experience Design is Trust It is a means for business to stay viable !