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Pioneering the Future of Computing Education

Pioneering the Future of Computing Education

Keynote from Raspberry Jamboree 2014 - with Carrie Anne Philbin


Ben Nuttall

March 01, 2014

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  1. Pioneering the Future of Computing Education With Ben Nuttall &

    carrie anne philbin @ben_nuttall @MissPHILBIN
  2. In the beginning.. to improve computing education everywhere a mighty

    foundation was formed…
  3. TOGETHER THEY DEVELOPED A DEVICE THAT would change the world

    forever… …There was much rejoicing across the land… Called the raspberry pi …But in those early days there was something missing & teachers began to despair! oh noes!1
  4. Let’s build aN EDU team! Meanwhile at pi towers.. @Clivebeale

    @raspberry _pi
  5. Our Mission @dave_spice .. NEW RAsp Pi EDU HEROES TO

    Give every person, no matter their age, gender or background, the opportunity & support to learn computing
  6. Community & Jams Better connected community Centralised events calendar Workshop

    material Help organising events Community support
  7. Computing Curriculum Quality Tested Resources made by teachers For all

    key stages Linked to the new curriculum Engaging & fun With assessment built in
  8. Coming soon more of this..

  9. JOIN US in OUR Mission be an edu hero too

    Speak to us tell us what you want/need Come on forums and share experiences/best practice Seek help from your peers Attend jams