Pioneering the Future of Computing Education

Pioneering the Future of Computing Education

Keynote from Raspberry Jamboree 2014 - with Carrie Anne Philbin


Ben Nuttall

March 01, 2014


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    Pioneering the Future of Computing Education With Ben Nuttall &

    carrie anne philbin @ben_nuttall @MissPHILBIN
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    TOGETHER THEY DEVELOPED A DEVICE THAT would change the world

    forever… …There was much rejoicing across the land… Called the raspberry pi …But in those early days there was something missing & teachers began to despair! oh noes!1
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    Our Mission @dave_spice .. NEW RAsp Pi EDU HEROES TO

    Give every person, no matter their age, gender or background, the opportunity & support to learn computing
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    Computing Curriculum Quality Tested Resources made by teachers For all

    key stages Linked to the new curriculum Engaging & fun With assessment built in
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    JOIN US in OUR Mission be an edu hero too

    Speak to us tell us what you want/need Come on forums and share experiences/best practice Seek help from your peers Attend jams