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what is barrel db

what is barrel db

quick introduction of what is, what is not Barrel.


Benoit Chesneau

December 01, 2015

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  1. WHAT IS BARREL ▸ a document database ▸ revision tree

    & atomic document updates ▸ changes feed ▸ replication between any nodes in both way ▸ views (~ map) with reduce feature
  2. ▸ view changes ▸ replication based on a view ▸

    bulk get (works with pouchdb/couchbase lite) ▸ revisited storages, new replicator & view engine, … WITH MODERN FEATURES
  3. ▸ no mongo-like query engine ▸ interface with other data

    systems ▸ interested in data locations & movements ▸ Put/Match the data next to you ▸ P2P WHAT BARREL REALLY IS
  4. ▸ DATA are not only blobs ▸ Replicated APPs ▸

    Couchapps but extended and revisited REPLICATED APPS