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Learning about CHAOSS community

322ff21456fd4cf8ad28cdee136a8831?s=47 Bitergia
September 18, 2019

Learning about CHAOSS community

This talk aims at introducing the CHAOSS -Community Health Analytics for Open Source Projects- to the InnerSource practitioners. Metrics and KPIs are of importance for the InnerSource Commons as seen in the several talks and discussions during the last summits.

CHAOSS was born in 2017 under the Linux Foundation umbrella and this is a hub of OSS projects and organizations participating in the definition of metrics of interest for Open Source projects.

As active member of CHAOSS, there are some lessons learnt when dealing with those metrics and KPIs, either at the theoretical definition and from a software implementation that might be worth exploring across the InnerSource ecosystem.

This talk will bring this discussion and how to potentially build bridges between both.



September 18, 2019

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  1. Learning about CHAOSS Ana Jiménez | Daniel Izquierdo @anajsana95 |

    @dizquierdo InnerSource Commons NA, Baltimore
  2. Everyone knows Daniel :)

  3. What is CHAOSS?

  4. /chaoss

  5. CONTEXT CHAOSS Community Linux foundation project focused on creating analytics

    and metrics to help define community health. GrimoireLab CHAOSS Software founding projects focused on Data gathering, Data enrichment and Data visualization. 100% open source!
  6. • Establish a standard implementation of metrics • Produce integrated

    open source software for analyzing software community development • Build reproducible project health reports/containers OBJECTIVES
  7. OBJECTIVES Establish a standard implementation of metrics • Produce integrated

    open source software for analyzing software community development • Build reproducible project health reports
  8. DATA

  9. CHAOSS working groups

  10. CHAOSS WG Diversity & Inclusion Evolution Risk Value Common Metrics

  11. https:/ /github.com/chaoss

  12. CHAOSS Releases

  13. Metric #1 Question #1 GOAL #1 Question #2 Metric #2

    Metric #3 Metric #1 https://chaoss.community/metrics/
  14. Description Objectives Strategies Success metrics Implementations Resources FOCUS AREA STRUCTURE

    What is the organizational diversity of contributions? Understand organizational engagement with open source projects. Organizational Diversity
  15. CHAOSS Software

  16. https://chaoss.community/software/

  17. https://chaoss.github.io/grimoirelab/ Mordred Perceval Arthur SortingHat Sigils Manuscripts Kibiter GELK Kidash

  18. Community Highlights

  19. - Weekly meetings (WG, governance, etc) - Goal- Question- Metric

    approach - Documentation (WG repositories, releases) - Communication (mailing lists, IRC, slack) - Events: CHAOSSCon (FOSDEM co-located) - Objectives, strategy & metric success
  20. #GrimoireLab in irc.freenode.net bit.ly/grimoirelab-mailman github.com/chaoss/grimoirelab-* @GrimoireLab #GrimoireLab

  21. CHAOSS & InnerSource Commons

  22. Assumed behaviours in OSS that do not happen in InnerSource

    What about exploring those at the ISC from a CHAOSS perspective?
  23. What do you mean by collaboration? commit? active contributor? communication?

  24. - Metrics is a hot topic at ISC - No

    existing discussion beyond initial steps - Metric granularity is too low - What about Use Cases? - Benchmarking?
  25. Present ISC at CHAOSSCon in Brussels Start framing the metrics

    discussion - Pattern? A new WG? Build some bridges and check what we can learn from each other NEXT STEPS
  26. “To measure is to know” “If you can not measure

    it, you cannot improve it” Lord Kelvin
  27. Let’s go for questions!