EECI Distributed Teams Talk 2012

Eaf4a8e19282eaf1bf1be1806b5f9d53?s=47 Carl Smith
October 16, 2012

EECI Distributed Teams Talk 2012


Carl Smith

October 16, 2012


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    It’s fine that we’re not going to Crested Butte (although

    I think there is a value in there that is seriously being overlooked, IMHO)… but Carl, it would have been nice if you would have discussed it with your team first. I don’t even feel like you have a good enough idea of where we’re at with the projects… how could you? We all have a lot invested in the success of this project… I haven’t cared for a project this much in my entire career. I think we all want it be a massive success… we just can’t do that with only half the information and no input on any of the decisions. I’m not trying to get pissy, but I feel like we’re all working as some democratic team, yet we have zero idea what you and Doug are even talking about most of the time.
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    nGen Works exists to help us live our lives how

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