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By Builders, for Builders: How Developers Use the App Framework to Build Integrations with Contentful

By Builders, for Builders: How Developers Use the App Framework to Build Integrations with Contentful


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February 24, 2021

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  1. CONTENTFUL WEBINAR SERIES By builders, for builders 1 David Fateh

    | Senior Software Engineer Artas Bartas | Product Marketing Manager How developers use the App Framework to build integrations with Contentful
  2. Housekeeping • This webinar is being recorded; we will share

    the recording with all registrants shortly — keep an eye on your inbox! • Please add your questions in the Q&A box, we will answer them after the presentation during the Q&A session at the end • To get in touch, get in touch on Twitter @contentful or write to us at team@contentfulmail.com Before we dive in...
  3. Speakers Artas Bartas Product Marketing Manager David Fateh Senior Software

    Engineer 3
  4. 4 Agenda 4 1. App Framework overview 2. Building blocks

    and tooling 3. App examples 4. Next steps 5. Q&A + swag give-away
  5. 5 How much do you know about our App Framework?

    A. Heard about it, have not built anything yet B. Only just discovering it right now C. I've successfully built an app D. Planning to build an app E. Don't know anything
  6. App Framework overview

  7. Contentful under the hood Platform components at a high level

  8. 8 App Framework overview What it can and cannot do

    What it is • It’s a set of building blocks and utilities built by the Contentful team • It enables you to extend the core functionality of Contentful and automate content workflows • It allows you to integrate with external tools and services • The target users of the App Framework are your internal users What it’s NOT • It’s not a frontend framework, site builder, mobile app maker, etc. • It’s not suitable for constructing a presentation layer • It’s not an OOTB solution and requires some coding • It should not be used to serve users outside of your team/organization
  9. App Framework is everything for builders 9 Connect Easily Customize

    the experience Manage apps & workflows Build Open source design system (Forma36) Open source field editors Open source app blueprints UI App SDK Create Contentful app Full page Navigation Entry editor Dialogue window Entry field Entry sidebar App identities App events App definition App installation App Framework
  10. Recent releases From reference apps to powerful tooling 10

  11. Focus on the customer Helping customers achieve more by doing

    less 11 Support advanced use cases Abstract common steps
  12. Enable customers to add new integrations and capabilities by writing

    business logic. 12
  13. Building apps is a compounding skill Once organizations start using

    apps, they build more of them 13
  14. Building blocks and tooling

  15. 15 Enabling developer customization

  16. 16

  17. 17 create-contentful-app

  18. 18 f36.contentful.com

  19. 19 Developer Documentation

  20. App examples

  21. Apps to fit all needs 21 Contentful Apps Marketplace Apps

    Custom Apps Stay tuned!
  22. 22 A custom markdown editor An integrated overview dashboard

  23. 23 AI-powered image tagging

  24. GlobalLink Connect 24 Individual entry

  25. The complexity chart 25

  26. Marketplace update: Latest additions to the marketplace GlobalLink Connect Translations

    GraphQL Playground Dev productivity Saleor Commerce Commerce Phrase Translations Lilt Translations Translations by Acclaro Translations XTM Connect Translations Uniform Optimize Personalization Qencode Video transcoding
  27. Next steps

  28. How to get started 28 Developer Resources Slack Community contentful.com/developers

  29. B’day swag give-away

  30. Q&A Contentful Slack community GlobalLink app walkthrough (video recording) Build

    your first app (video recording) App framework overview (documentation)
  31. 31 Europe North America