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End-to-End Python

End-to-End Python

Many programming language ecosystems have evolved to the point of being able to support the full stack of web applications. Java had JSP, PHP had its heyday, and JavaScript is now the de facto standard for single-language full-stack programming. How about Python?

With more recent web technologies like WebAssembly and web components, projects like htmx and pyscript are making the full web development experience possible in Python. We’ll talk about how these all work together to create functional user interfaces and what the future of full-stack Python might look like.

The demo portion shows off this code.

Dane Hillard

April 28, 2023

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  1. @easyaspython Before writing this foreword, I had one simple question

    to ask—can I use the knowledge from this book to modernize some of my own projects? …I’m pleased to report that I learned a lot from this book. …a practical guide to what’s possible. —David Beazley