Using AI for Abnormal Behavior Detection

Using AI for Abnormal Behavior Detection

This is a presentation I used during my talk at the IT Summit Turkey 2019.


Daron Yondem

November 14, 2019


  1. Daron Yöndem @daronyondem

  2. • Out of the Box Anomaly Detection for Cloud Apps

    • Anomaly Detection in the world of IoT • Anomaly Detector for Everyone
  3. • Risky IP address • Login failures • Admin activity

    • Inactive accounts • Location • Impossible travel • Device and user agent • Activity rate
  4. • Entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) • Machine learning (ML)

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  7. • Azure IoT Edge, Azure Stream Analytics offers built-in machine

    learning based anomaly detection • AnomalyDetection_SpikeAndDip and AnomalyDetection_ChangePoint
  8. An AI service that helps you foresee problems before they

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  14. Microsoft Cloud App Security Product Page Anomaly Detection with

    Azure Stream Analytics and ML Online Playground for Anomaly Detector Azure Anomaly Detector Video
  15. | @daronyondem Download slides here;