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DevOpsPorto Meetup26: (A Brief) DevOps History at EDP by Sérgio Amorim

DevOpsPorto Meetup26: (A Brief) DevOps History at EDP by Sérgio Amorim

Talk delivered by Sérgio Amorim


April 15, 2019

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  1. The Value Chain Power Station Power Transformers Distribution Substation Distribution

    Automation Devices Transmission Substation  Generation  Distribution  Residential Consumers  Transmission  Commercial & Industrial Business Consumers
  2. The IT Transformation Micro co-generation Electric vehicles Intermittent energy sources

    Hydro plants with pumping Offshore wind Wave energy Energy storage Microgrids Central control and communications Industrial co-generation Demand-side management H2 injection in natural gas
  3. The Birth of Agile and DevOps at EDP Business centric

    Fast delivery Cloud Development End-to-end responsibility Agile DevOps Testing Quality and sustainability
  4. Why a Framework and not a Process • Technology diversity

    doesn’t allow a common step-by-step process. • A framework sets the foundations and allows extension points Just a set of the stacks
  5. Microsoft’s DevOps Definition DevOps is the union of people, process,

    and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users
  6. The DevOps Framework Guiding principles 10# End-to-end Responsibility 11# Transparency

    & Auditability 1# Automation 2# Internal Quality 3# Vertical Slice 4# Isolation & Integration 5# Replicability & Reliability 6# Early Feedback 7# Fluency & Frequency 8# Continuous Improvement 9# Reduced Inventory
  7. The Delivery Framework Stage Overview #1 Deliverable Item Management #2

    Next Release Management #3 Production Release Management #4 Monitoring & Operation
  8. Automated Validation The Delivery Framework #1 Deliverable Item Management Build

    Code Quality Automated Fast Test Suite Versioning Peer Review Orchestrator Static Code Analysis Test Automation Development Manual Functional Testing Peer Review Artifact Repository Build Tools (Platform Specific)
  9. The Delivery Framework #2 Next Release Management Security Code Analysis

    Automated Validation Build Code Quality Automated Complete Tests Suite Security Analysis Manual Final Release Review Static Code Analysis Test Automation Orchestrator Charm Package Transport Merge Deliverable Items
  10. The Delivery Framework #3 Production Release Management Deployment in Production

    Features Activation Approve release Backup Deploy Smoke Tests Change Management & Logging Orchestrator Notifications Rollback
  11. Happy stakeholders Enterprise Scaling How we scale and keep it

    under control Agile Coaches Scrum Master Platform Experts Minimum Pipeline Rules Libraries with Open Source Model Controlled Permissions Training Quality Knowledge base Sharing Sessions Onboarding Certifications
  12. By the Numbers (back in November) In two years of

    existence 40 products ~3 Million * LoC analyzed 50 Jenkins pipelines ~50 daily builds on non-SAP ~25 daily deployments on SAP
  13. By the Numbers (as of today) In two years and

    half of existence 60 products ~1.5 Million LoC analyzed 300 Jenkins pipelines ~250 daily builds on non-SAP ~140 daily deployments on SAP
  14. Major Lessons Learned COLLECT AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE Interview

    all stakeholders and get into the details AVOID FRICTION If required, make initial individual interviews then combine info and share FOLLOW THE MONEY Product Owner is Key and make a good selling speach IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE Spread the word and gather followers KEEP IT UNDER CONTROL Empower teams when confidence is proven 01 02 03 05 04