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Tech's Next Big Thing: What the Biggest Trends of 2014 Mean For Brands

Tech's Next Big Thing: What the Biggest Trends of 2014 Mean For Brands

From ANA BrandMasters 2014. Mashable Senior Tech analyst Christina Warren runs down some of the biggest trends in tech in 2014 and how brands and marketers can use them.


Christina Warren

February 27, 2014


  1. Mashable Tech’s Next Big Thing What The Biggest Trends of

    2014 Mean For Brands
  2. Connected Generation M Our audience is the Connected Generation: Millennials

    and those who think like them. Grew up with technology and constantly immerse themselves in it. Early adopters and those interested in innovation in business, design, music, television, film and more. Shape the “information revolution.” • • •
  3. M Editorial Mission We’re the resource for news and the

  4. Wearables Tech’s Next Big Thing M 2014’s Hottest Tech Trend

  5. Wearables Are All About Context Tech’s Next Big Thing /

    Wearables M
  6. Deliver Information Based On Where You Are And What You’re

    Doing Tech’s Next Big Thing / Wearables M
  7. M Major Wearable Categories Stuff For Your Face: Google Glass

    and Other Computerized Eyewear Smartwatches: Pebble, Samsung Gear Line, Sony SmartWatch and Many, Many More Fitness Trackers/Smart Bands: Nike Fuelband SE, Fitbit, Jawbone Tech’s Next Big Thing / Wearables Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ
  8. Wearables / Market Potential M Massive Market Potential

  9. •  1.2 Million Fitness Bands Shipped in H2 2013, Up

    700% From H1 2013 •  Canalys Predicts 8 Million Fitness Bands Will Sell in 2014 and reach 45 million by 2017 •  ABI Research Predicts 7 Million Smartwatches Sold in 2014 M Tech’s Next Big Thing / Wearables
  10. M Opportunities For Brands

  11. M Wearables / What Brands Can Do Brands Can And

    Should Start Looking At Wearables Now   •  Develop Apps or Content That Fits The Device/Use Case •  Google Glass Doesn’t Allow Ads, But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Build An App •  Focus on Utility, Not Simply Brand Marketing •  Take Advantage of Context and Location When Possible •  Look At Successful Early Branded iPhones Apps
  12. M Wearables / What Brands Can Do More Brand Tips

      •  Getting in Early Means You Can Get Press Just For Showing Up •  Focus Your Campaign Around the Wearable Demographic •  Don’t Forget to Make Sure Your Main Site is Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  13. Tech’s Next Big Thing / ANA BrandMasters 2014 M WhatsApp

    & Instagram
  14. The Hottest Social Networks Are NOT Facebook and Twitter Tech’s

    Next Big Thing / WhatsApp and Instagram M
  15. M Tech’s Next Big Thing/ WhatsApp and Instagram WhatsApp By

    the Numbers   •  450 Million Monthly Active Users, 70% Active Daily •  1 Million New Users a Day •  Send 19Billion Messages Each Day, More Than SMS •  Over 600 Million Photos Uploaded Each Day •  Over 100% Y/Y Growth •  Huge Global Reach, Hasn’t Even Taken Off in the US Yet
  16. None
  17. M Tech’s Next Big Thing/ WhatsApp and Instagram How Brands

    Can Take Advantage   •  Absolut Unique WhatsApp Campaign in Argentina •  Ben & Jerry’s On Instagram •  Make Content Beautiful •  Think About Using WhatsApp As a Way to Do SMS Marketing… But For Real •  Try to Integrate These Technologies Into Broader Campaigns
  18. M Tech’s Next Big Thing / Beacons

  19. What Is A Beacon? Tech’s Next Big Thing / Beacons

    M •  A Beacon is a low-cost, low-energy transmitters that can alert phones or other devices of their presence •  Apple’s implementation is called iBeacon and Qualcomm is making beacons too
  20. How Beacons Work •  Using Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE),

    the beacon can send a notification or alert to a user’s phone. •  It can also trigger actions (check-in in an app, add a digital coupon to a wallet) •  Beacons are similar to NFC, but with a wider range and lower-cost Tech’s Next Big Thing / Beacons M
  21. Beacons M

  22. M Beacons / What Brands Should Do How Brands Should

    View Beacons   •  Similar to QR codes…except people might actually use them. •  Great way to build loyalty, call-attention to product placement •  Use as a way to Enter Contests, Offer More Information, Lead Gen •  Use Beacons as an Opportunity to Partner with Other Brands, Retailers and Venues
  23. M Tech’s Next Big Thing / ANA BrandMasters 2014 Thank

    You! Twitter: @film_girl Website: ChristinaWarren.com  
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                M Tech’s Next Big Thing / Notes