Firm Reed Tothong sfpc final presentation

Firm Reed Tothong sfpc final presentation

school for poetic computation Spring 2014



May 04, 2014


  1. school (noun) a regular course of meetings of a teacher

    or teachers and students for instruction; program of instruction for (preposition) in order to obtain, gain, or acquire
  2. None
  3. poetic (adjective) possessing the qualities or charm of poetry computation

    (noun) an act, process, or method of computing; calculation.
  4. None
  5. logic (noun) convincing forcefulness; inexorable truth or persuasiveness assumption (noun)

    something taken for granted; a supposition
  6. None
  7. homework (noun) schoolwork assigned to be done outside the classroom

    proposition (noun) the act of offering or suggesting something to be considered, accepted, adopted, or done.
  8. None
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  11. handmade (adjective) made by hand, rather than by machine circuit

    (noun) a circular journey or one beginning and ending at the same place; a round.
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  15. offloading (verb) take the load off (a container or vehicle)

    practice (noun) condition arrived at by experience or exercise
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