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Talk @ Laracon US

Talk @ Laracon US


Freek Van der Herten

July 24, 2019

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  2. About me Freek Van der Herten Spatie @freekmurze freek.dev ohdear.app

  3. Let's code!

  4. Laravel view models github.com/spatie/laravel-view-models coded by @brendt_gd stitcher.io/blog/laravel-view-models stitcher.io/blog/laravel-view-models-vs-view-composers

  5. Laravel Blade X github.com/spatie/laravel-blade-x coded by @brendt_gd, @alexvanderbist, @rubenvanassche, @sebdedeyne,

    @freekmurze freek.dev/use-custom-html-components-in-your-blade-views freek.dev/introducing-bladex-view-models
  6. Laravel query builder github.com/spatie/laravel-query-builder extracted from client projects and maintained

    by @alexvanderbist alexvanderbist.com/posts/2018/builder-apis-with-laravel-query-builder
  7. Resources freek.dev/1324-simplifying-controllers freek.dev/1371-refactoring-to-actions stitcher.io/blog/organise-by-domain

  8. Spatie packages spatie.be/open-source/packages ± 200 packages on Packagist ± 2,500,000

    downloads a month ± 40,000,000 total downloads
  9. Thank you! speakerdeck.com/freekmurze/controllers-laracon-us @freekmurze freek.dev ohdear.app fullstackeurope.com