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Redefining typographic teaching for shiny planes

Gerry Leonidas
August 02, 2012

Redefining typographic teaching for shiny planes

Gerry offers a model for design education focused on typographically-rich environments on tablets, mostly. He talks about teaching the combination of paragraph-level typographic skills, information architecture, and interaction design required for designing complex documents like newspapers on small tablet screens.

Gerry Leonidas

August 02, 2012

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  1. Redefining typographic teaching for shiny planes Gerry Leonidas Department of

    Typography & Graphic Communication University of Reading, UK Friday, 3 August 12
  2. readers client designer context: what others have done, and do

    now, under what technical parameters Br Id Biz Tgy Friday, 3 August 12
  3. 2 People run out of time faster than they run

    out of options X Friday, 3 August 12
  4. 7 The market does not wait for teachers to write

    lesson plans Friday, 3 August 12
  5. 100 Ultra Light only > 60 mm 200 Light pullquotes

    300 Light-ish nothing 400 Regular Body text 500 Medium Subheadings Friday, 3 August 12
  6. ῥηθῆναι (aor.pass.inf.): see εἴρω2,ἐρῶ ῥηίδιος (also ῥῄδιος) ep.Ion.adj.: see ῥᾴδιος

    ῥηίζω Ion.vb.: see ῥᾱίζω ῥήιστος, ῥηίτατος, ῥηίτερος (also ῥῄτερος), ῥηίων: see ῥᾴδιος ῥηκτός ή όν vbl.adj. [ῥήγνῡμι] (of a person) able to be broken or rent (by a weapon or stones), vulnerable Il. AR. ῥῆμα ατος n. [εἴρω2; ἐρῶ] 1 something said or spoken, statement Hdt. +; saying by a wise person), maxim Pi. Pl. Men. 2 spoken word, word (usu.pl., sts. w.connot. of advice) Archil. + 3 spoken word, mere word (opp. actions, reality) Pi. + 4 (ref. to a word or phrase) expression Ar. + 5 (gramm.) verb (opp. ὄνομα noun) Pl. Arist.; phrase (opp. ὄνομα word) Pl. ῥημάτιον ου n. [dimin. ῥῆμα] little phrase Ar. ῥηματίσκιον ου n. [dimin. ῥῆμα] sort of little phrase Pl. ῥήν ῥηνός m. [reltd. ἀρήν; cf. πολύρρην] | only acc.sg. ῥῆνα, dat. pl. ῥήνεσσι | lamb, sheep AR. ῥῆξαι (aor.inf.): see ῥήγνῡμι ῥηξηνορίη ης ep.Ion.f. [ῥηξήνωρ] strength to break the enemy Od. ῥηξ-ήνωρ ορος masc.adj. [ῥήγνῡμι, ἀνήρ] breaker of men (epith. of Achilles, ref. either to killing of individuals or to breaking of enemy ranks) Hom. Hes. Demosthenes) Aeschin. 2 (of a person) practising rhetoric, good at oratory Isoc. Pl. Arist. ῥητορικῶς adv. in the manner of an orator, rhetorically Pl. Aeschin. Arist. Plu. ῥητός ή όν vbl.adj. [εἴρω2; ἐρῶ] 1 (of persons) spoken of, famed Hes. 2 (of a payment, a reward, a sum of money) stated, specified Il. Th.; (of a time, a day) Hdt. +; ἐπὶ ῥητοῖς on fixed terms Hdt. E. + 3 (of things) that may be spoken of or said, speakable (opp. what must be kept secret or unspoken) Trag. Isoc. D. Men.; (ref. to what may be said w. propriety or decency) S. D.; ( . ., ref. to what ought not to be spoken of, or cannot be adequately described) S. E.; that may be expressed in language, expressible Pl. 4 (of an answer) express, definite Plb. (math., of magnitudes and quantities) rational Pl. ῥητῶς adv. expressly, distinctly Plb. ῥήτρᾱ ᾱς Ion. ῥήτρη ης f. 1 verbal agreement Od. Call. 2 prescribed code of conduct, ordinance X. 3 (at Sparta) Rhetra (the unwritten law-code of Lycurgus) Plu.; (more gener.) decree, ordinance Tyrt. Plu. ῥήτωρ ορος m. 1 public speaker, orator Pl.; proposer ( . . burs tip o thro 2 bu 3 re ῥησι- ῥῆσις talk 2 (co 3 sp 4 de Ῥῆσο Tro ῥήσσ ῥητέ ῥη Pl. ῥητή ῥητῑ ΄ν ῥητο 2 (co ῥητο 2 || ῥητο the Arist Dem 2 (o Arist ῥη Aesc ῥητό Hes. 2 (o Il. Th 3 (o ὠμέγα Friday, 3 August 12
  7. This emerging typography is traditional at the paragraph level, and

    potentially innovative at the semantic level Friday, 3 August 12
  8. 5 Authors, publishers, and some teachers will adapt faster than

    schools. Some students, too. Friday, 3 August 12
  9. 1 A concern to communicate: to ensure that visual form

    reflects the language used, and its organisation reflects and reinforces its meaning Friday, 3 August 12
  10. 2 A general understanding of the technical means at our

    disposal, and the ability to come to terms with technical limitations. Friday, 3 August 12
  11. 3 To respect the needs of the reader, and make

    them central to designing Friday, 3 August 12
  12. 4 Typography is planning in relation to these considerations, and

    usually in the context of a client, an industrial organisation, a budget, and a deadline. Friday, 3 August 12