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Baa Baa Black Sheep

January 23, 2024

Baa Baa Black Sheep



January 23, 2024

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  1. BAA BAA BLACK Sheep . . . —20.11.23: Of all

    my ideas, I found Black Sheep the easiest topic to turn into a story/game or design and further more. The reason why I found most interest in engaging with this idea is because it’s a simple topic that comes with many possibilities in where the story can go and definitely gives me a wider image on the characters and style. When I chose this idea, the children’s rhyme song, “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” came to mind, this gave me the hint that I’ll write about a nursery/daycare/orphanage. The rhyme was written in 1744 and was based off how Black wool was deemed unworthy because unlike white wool, it can’t be dyed to any shade of colour, atleast not with ease. The 1740's was the time of Rococo fashion - exagerrated, pastel, light and airy fashion. Therefore, I Scanned through Lolita fashion, Japanese subculture inspired by Victorian and Rococco Fashion Wear. CONCEPT
  2. There are numerous examples online of Lolita fashion, even remotely

    similar wear. ... Sheep are associated with nature, I personally thought using flowers or weather would give significance to the characters. I researched black and white flowers, the season and conditions of each relevant flower. I want a scene of where the Protagonist finds a flower resembling her in the shade while it stands alone in the the abundant surroundings of white florals just like the main character among her peers.
  3. It was difficult to find naturally black flowers because artificial

    flowers or dyed black flowers would defeat the entire purpose and significance of the story. Onyx Odyssey Helleborus Exposure: Partial Sun, Shade Season: Winter - Early Spring Extra: Toxic to Dogs, cats, horses and humans Symbolism: peace, serenity, tranquility, scandal and anxiety On the other hand, White Tulips Exposure: Full or afternoon sunlight Season: Early Spring - May Extra: Taint in pink from cold Symbolism: Purity and innocence I quite like the appearance and the idea of using the white tulips to cover feilds, I can cartoonify them into looking soft/fluffy. The Onyx Odyssey Helleborus stands out in a feild of tulips as its petals are open and waiting to be admired aswell. ... These are my first sketches of the characters/style however they’re not quite complete or finalised.
  4. Character 1 - Playable - Protagonist How fun, you get

    to play as her. :) This Protagonist often feels left out as she’s always the last to be partake or finish getting changed in the morning after all her peers. She’s quite at peace with herself alone but because of her lack of experience in social conversation she deals with victim mentality. Going through conversations and understanding others through quests improve her understanding. Character 2 - Side Character - NPC Character Desc: She doesn’t really care or like getting involved so she’s usually accompanied by their Mother/Nanny in the garden picking flowers (she’s a flower nerd). She seems to pout a lot. “Antagonist”(Maybe or maybe not) - NPC I am unsure whether she will be an antagonist because it was never made clear to the course or our overall goal/s. Character description: she’s a child who has a difficult time finding the right vocabulary to list her thoughts and emotions - she comes off as picky of the protagonists appearance but really just actually admires/envies it. She’s on the younger side of all the children. Character Dictionary - #1
  5. Animation made in 12fps Visual Appeal I’m intending a black-grey-

    white colour scale for the black in Protagonist’s hair/ears to stand out contrary to how in colour it’d probably be red standing out or a warm colour in an abundance of cold colours. Because black & white can become boring I would like to add bloom/glow to the game. I intend the map to be in the mountains, away from civilisation, with the main house, garden and huge globed greenhouse. The Onyx Odyssey Helleborus resides upwards a mountain in the garden by the opening of a small forest, that’s surrounded by a myriad of white Tulips which is where the protagonist discovers the lonely flower. The Map ENVIRONMENT 21.11.23 I may implement colour coming to the world when the protagonist discovers the flower as she comes to understand communication.