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Introducing Alexa Voice Service

Introducing Alexa Voice Service



April 12, 2018

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  1. Introducing Alexa Voice Service

  2. Tomoharu Ito https://hugtech.io VUI Designer / Developer Community Organizer Join

    Us! I’m a Voice Tech Lover! Cloud Native Programmer
  3. Warning !! My English is not good. I’m sorry for

    using my white paper. You often looks like me to be depressed. I never. Believe me!!
  4. This is my house. Voice Hel Heaven

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  8. Inside of Alexa Voice Service

  9. is HTTP2 endpoint

  10. Interfaces https://developer.amazon.com/ja/ docs/alexa-voice-service/api-over view.html

  11. 2 important words Device event Device directive

  12. Need 2 consistent connection.

  13. https://developer.amazon.com/ja/alexa-voice-service/auth

  14. You will implement to ... - Authorizing device to AVS

    and get LWT token. - Make HTTP2 connection to AVS endpoint - Handling Event/Directive to communicate with AVS for each interface.
  15. How to make it ?

  16. Implement

  17. You have to care many things to control you components.

  18. None
  19. You don’t need taking much time for controlling devices.

  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5DixCPJYo8& See, component details.

  21. Thinking about Hardware

  22. Microphone

  23. Considering alignment and number of microphones.

  24. close-talk / near-field / far-field https://www.slideshare.net/AmazonWebServices/designing-farfield-speech- processing-systems-with-intel-and-amazon-alexa-voice-service-alx305-reinv ent-2017

  25. 2. Speaker Speaker

  26. Processor

  27. • Number of microphones and alignments • Size of device

    (depends on power) • What is capability of your device.
  28. Enjoy Voice Experience!