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Defining a Community Membership Identity

Defining a Community Membership Identity

I presented this as a workshop for CMX Global Connect on 28 April 2020: https://events.cmxhub.com/events/details/cmx-cmx-global-presents-cmx-global-connect/

The worksheet related to this talk is available here: https://bit.ly/membership-identity/

The examples I used in the workshop are from the WordPress community.

Hugh Lashbrooke

April 28, 2020

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  1. Who does your community tell members they are? Example: I

    am a unique individual with something important to say - my thoughts and ideas are valuable. I have useful skills that I can use to make impactful contributions to the broader community.
  2. What does your community tell members they should do? Example:

    I share my ideas and publish content that I care about. When I can, I volunteer my time to contribute back to the community, helping others do the same.
  3. What does your community tell members they should believe? Example:

    I believe my ideas are valuable and it’s worth taking the time to publish them. I believe in the freedom that open-source provides and that I can take part in sharing that freedom with others.