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Hybrid Communities

Hugh Lashbrooke
September 08, 2021

Hybrid Communities

This was a collaborative session that featured some brainstorming areas that have been incorporated in their correct context within this slide deck.

We're heading deeper into a hybrid future - usually envisioned as in-person events with an online component included. While this is certainly a great way to allow for events to accommodate people who cannot attend in person, what if we could do more? What if we could build an entire community that brings people together in multi-faceted and impactful ways, regardless of where they are in the world? These hybrid communities can go far beyond events and can bring together people in ways they never thought possible. Let's explore what this future will look like and how you can start building a hybrid community today.

Hugh Lashbrooke

September 08, 2021

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  1. How can we connect online & offline spaces? Tweet-ups used

    to be a thing back in the noughties. Maybe something to think about post COVID E-sport viewing Joint online and offline events Advocacy to action Conferences, AGMs and customer forums - including research/focus groups Workshop Mentimeter for checking in on sentiment and other questions Mentoring Professional learning User groups Live brainstorming - google docs / miro Third screening Brainstorming session
  2. Provide accessible platforms for collaboration and connection Tools Creating equity

    Create practical content to teach your community new skills Training Collaborate with your community to facilitate interactions Teamwork
  3. What do in-person events look like for a hybrid community?

    Live demos Play along Cook along Make along Coming together to celebrate milestones Small in-person groups as ‘breakouts’ from a larger online group, have to report back to online space Virtual breakouts and post session catch ups in a virtual setting Checking back in and linking members throughout the event Making sure it’s recorded Physical pack sent for live stream - “phygital”! Augmenting the pre- and post-event stages, introducing and connecting participants Ask-me-anything with a video-stream speaker and type-back questions as well as in-person questions Brainstorming session
  4. How can existing communities adopt a hybrid model? Open labs

    Lightning talks Build a community of practice among local event organisers Ambassador programs Gamify pre, during and post engagement Have a ‘local cmty mgr’ how-to pack for those hosting in-person events Brainstorming session
  5. The Three S’s Provide an accessible space for your community

    to connect and interact Space Build rules and guidelines indicating how the community will function Structure Prompt your community to initiate discussions and make introductions Seeds
  6. Use accessible tools to collaborate with your community, providing relevant

    training that meets their needs on a platform that enables authentic connections to inform in-person interactions. In summary... To grow an equitable, hybrid community, you must: