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DDVE design class. Design process

Jaanus Kase
December 12, 2011

DDVE design class. Design process

I presented this material with my colleague Priidu Zilmer as part of a two-day design workshop for Tartu University’s Design and Development of Virtual Environments Master’s program. See www.ddve.ee for more info.

Jaanus Kase

December 12, 2011

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  1. Two ways to build things • Incremental. Fix something that

    exists. • Radical. Build something completely new.
  2. Boundary of acceptance Safe Boring Usual Risky Innovative Uncommon Today

    Most products Great products Design process, product Design process Product Tomorrow Boundary of acceptance
  3. Generate alternatives • It is hard to evaluate designs on

    absolute scale. • It is easy to pick between alternatives. • Generating alternatives is not wasted work. It is a way to get to the truth.
  4. Sketch vs prototype • Suggest • Explore • Question •

    Propose • Provoke • Tentative • Describe • Refine • Answer • Test • Resolve • Depiction Bill Buxton. Sketching User Interfaces.
  5. Cooper’s personas and goals • Useful to model your users

    • Based on research Alan Cooper. About Face 3.
  6. Personas help with problems • The elastic user • Self-referential

    design • Edge cases Alan Cooper. About Face 3
  7. Three types of user goals • Experience goals • Feel

    smart or in control, have fun, remain focused • End goals • Send email to friend, find good music • Life goals • Live a good life, be attractive and popular Alan Cooper. About Face 3
  8. User goals vs user motivations • Experience goals: how a

    user wants to feel • End goals: what a user wants to do • Life goals: who a user wants to be Alan Cooper. About Face 3
  9. Other types of goals • Customer goals • Business and

    organizational goals • Technical goals Alan Cooper. About Face 3
  10. In-context baking • Bad apps happen because there isn’t enough

    baking. • Bake it with real design and code, with real data, against real servers, with real devices. • Baking helps with performance, usability, content, service delivery…