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DDVE design class. Introduction

Jaanus Kase
December 12, 2011

DDVE design class. Introduction

I presented this material with my colleague Priidu Zilmer as part of a two-day design workshop for Tartu University’s Design and Development of Virtual Environments Master’s program. See www.ddve.ee for more info.

Jaanus Kase

December 12, 2011

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  1. Design workshop
    Jaanus Kase, Priidu Zilmer
    DDVE, Dec 9–10 2011

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  2. Introduction
    • Goals
    • Our background
    • You
    • Syllabus review

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  3. Goal
    • Theory, practice and process of digital product
    design and related disciplines
    • The role and techniques of interaction design

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  4. Our background

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  5. You?

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  6. Syllabus review

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  7. Individual exercise
    You will analyze the user interface of an existing
    software product (web, desktop or mobile) using
    the design principles discussed in the class. You
    will find one opportunity for improvement and
    present it to the class.

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  8. Individual exercise example

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  11. Group exercise
    • Consider delivery channels: desktop, web,
    mobile phone, tablet device, kiosk, and TV
    • Present TWO screens of your project for
    different channels (for example: one web and
    one TV)
    • Present THREE alternatives of any design
    decision you made throughout the project

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