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FELTAG SIG at ALT-C 2015 #altc

James Clay
September 09, 2015

FELTAG SIG at ALT-C 2015 #altc

This session is led by the members of the FELTAG Special Interest Group. Come along to find out more about what the group is up to, how to join if you are interested in getting involved and what’s coming up in the next year. Everybody welcome.
To find out more about the Special Interest Group visit the homepage for the FELTAG Special Interest Group http://go.alt.ac.uk/FELTAGSIG

James Clay

September 09, 2015

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  1. What is FELTAG? FELTAG is a major project in the

    FE and Adult Skills sector aimed at a new approach to developing e- learning and the role of technology generally in supporting education. Rather than a series of imperatives, it seeks to remove barriers to natural progression meaning FELTAG affects every training organisation who can now progress, not through new funding but by the removal of impediments.
  2. What is the SIG? This Group proposes to provide a

    means of discussing the major challenges and areas for change that comes with the removal of barriers. It will explore the role of students and their teachers as change agents and their managers as enablers, as well as the development of curriculum models and methods of delivery in terms of format, time and place. It will do this through discussion, and sharing ideas and resources.
  3. Who is it for? This SIG is open to all

    those interested in promoting the themes of FELTAG movement and wanting to share ideas relevant to it. The SIG will discuss its work more widely through a FELTAGSIG Jiscmail list, periodic face-to-face meetings and webinars as appropriate.