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Building digital capability

Building digital capability

Building capability for new digital leadership, pedagogy and efficiency

This session will look at issues and challenges around using technology in education. It will draw out some key issues in this space and look at how Jisc’s work in Digital Capability and Digital Leadership can be used to support staff and equip them for working in institutions that are increasingly using technology to leverage enhanced practices and efficiencies.

James Clay

July 02, 2015

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  1. Thriving in a digital age? »In 2010 we defined digital

    literacies as: those capabilities which fit someone for living, learning and working in a digital society »It was a much-disputed term, but the concept struck a chord in the sector, especially from 2012-13 onwards »The digital literacies are relevant to both students and staff 07/07/2015 Building digital capability
  2. Building digital capability Now in 2014-16 we’re being asked to

    address ‘digital capability’ in the HE and FE sectors as a priority challenge 07/07/2015 Building digital capability
  3. Building digital capability »This is about staff digital knowledge, skills

    and attitudes »Universities and colleges want help in: › identifying the digital skills needed › identifying their skills gaps › planning, implementing and evaluating initiatives to improve skills »#digitalcapability 07/07/2015 Building digital capability
  4. What’s that coming over the hill? Lightpainting the London Eye

    by Alan Levine onFlickr. CC-BY 07/07/2015 Now • Mobile, cloud, BYOD • Blended, flipped • Online • Data • Learner expectations Three years • Open • Always on • Big data, analytics • Recording achievement • Wearables Beyond • Makerspaces • Co-creation • Adaptive learning • Paper-free • Learner mobility Building digital capability
  5. Question: What are the barriers ? What are the barriers

    to building digital capability in your organisation? Barrier by James Clay - CC BY-NC 2.0 07/07/2015 Building digital capability
  6. So how do we get staff to the right place?

    A little map consultation by Alan Levine on Flickr - CC BY-2.0 07/07/2015 Building digital capability
  7. Elements of the envisioned #digitalcapability service 07/07/2015 Diagnostic tools Leadership

    development Digital capability framework Online courses Building digital capability
  8. Do you want to come along on the journey? A166

    on Garrowby Hill Vaidotas Mišeikis - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 07/07/2015 Building digital capability
  9. jisc.ac.uk Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under

    CC-BY-NC-ND Get in touch… Building digital capability James Clay Project manager [email protected] 07/07/2015 http://bit.ly/jiscdigcap Building digital capability