Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and Creativity

Flipped classrooms, MOOCs, OER, wearable technology, cloud computing, mobile, tablets, 4G, internet TVs, social learning, learning analytics, game based learning, augmented reality and e-books are all being used now to support learning, or are just on the horizon.
These emerging technologies provide opportunities to enhance and enrich existing practices alongside a developing open landscape within education. The affordances they offer for new ways of learning and student collaboration will result in changes in the way individuals and groups of students approach, access and succeed in their learning. Open Educational Resources, Massive Open Online Courses, Creative Commons, Open Access are changing the landscape in education from closed individual institutions to a sharing and open community.
How are these technologies being used by students to learn, collaborate and develop? What will be the impact of an open landscape? Academics will need to be adaptable, innovative and creative to keep pace and take advantage of the opportunities. Can our existing cultures allow us to take advantage of the potential of emerging technologies? Or do we need to change the way we change?


James Clay

June 13, 2013