Introduction to Design Thinking

Introduction to Design Thinking

Presented at Far Eastern University with over 300 attendees, July 7, 2018

On this Design Thinking Workshop, I tried to share a lot of values & positive experiences by encouraging them to participate on the exercise I prepared called "The 5 Chairs Exercise". The goal is to build a physical product from scratch with limited resources and time constraints. In that way I hope that they'll get a good grasp of Design Thinking Mindset which means "Thinking by Making" and being solution-focused rather than problem-focused creative individuals.

In the end, turns out that everyone had a great time with it, I've seen a lot of smile, new friendship was built in just 40 mins and got their feedback that in some way it enhanced their creative confidence. It was a success knowing it and that's the most fulfilling part.


Jaychrist Teves

July 07, 2018