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How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is 2019 is easier than ever, but there are still several steps to the process, and it’s easy to miss one. In this webinar, you’ll get the starter kit: everything you absolutely need to do to start a podcast.


Joe Casabona

March 28, 2019


  1. How to Start a Podcast Joe Casabona // Host of

    How I Built It // casabona.org/podcasting/
  2. What is podcasting?

  3. Google’s Dictionary The practice of using the Internet to make

    digital recordings of broadcasts available for downloading to a computer or mobile device.
  4. None
  5. Src: https://seths.blog/2018/10/podcasting-is-the-new-blogging-2/

  6. Podcasting is a way to get your messages to thousands

    of people.
  7. Why Should I Podcast?

  8. Why Podcast? • Build your audience • Establish your authority

    • Gain a loyal following ◦ Podcast listeners are very loyal folks • Get your ideas out there
  9. Podcasting is a way to get your messages to thousands

    of people.
  10. Choosing Your Topic

  11. Start With Why Why do YOU want to start a

    podcast? • Build an audience • Increase revenue streams • Try the tech • Repurpose old content
  12. Be Passionate • Pick a topic that you’re passionate about

    • Podcasting is a grind. You need to love your topic to keep doing it • It’s OK if someone else is talking about it • Make sure you use your own voice and your content is good
  13. Show Formats

  14. Types of Podcasts • Solo • News / Headline •

    Host / Cohost • Interview Show • Heavily Produced
  15. What to Know Solo • Easiest to produce
 • Doing

    it by yourself can make it hard to get motivated
 • It’s all on you News / Headlines • Great for a “quick” format show
 • You need to curate the right stories
 • Can get monotonous
  16. What to Know Host / Co Host • Split the

 • Split the Spoils
 • Scheduling can get hard Interviews • Fun to learn new things
 • A lot of work scheduling new guests
 • Need to do research
 • Audio quality may vary
  17. What to Know Heavily Produced • Can be incredibly engaging

    • Fun to do fiction
 • Very expensive / time consuming
  18. Pick Your Name

  19. Pick Your Name • Pick a name that communicates the

    show’s message • Do a search on iTunes to make sure it’s unique enough • You want it to stand out! • Get the domain, social media
  20. Artwork

  21. Podcast Artwork For Apple Podcasts: Podcast feeds contain artwork that

    is a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels, 72 dpi, in JPEG or PNG format with appropriate file extensions (.jpg, .png), and in the RGB colorspace. For Google: Recommended: Between 1200 x 1200, and 7000 x 7000 pixels. Everything Else: Pulls from Apple Podcasts, pretty much
  22. Tools for Creating Artwork • Photoshop
 • Illustrator

    • Affinity Photo • Adobe Spark
 • Canva
  23. The Right Gear

  24. What You Need • A Decent Mic • Pop Filter

    • Boom Arm (optional) • Headphones Links to everything: https://casabona.org/podcasting
  25. Mic: USB vs. XLR

  26. What you should get: Blue Yeti or ATR2011

  27. Recording / Saving

  28. Improving Your Recordings • Good mic helps • Deflect and

    dampen sound • Wear headphones • Pop filter / Boom arm
  29. Capture Audio Solo • Audacity
 • Garage Band
 • Windows

    Recorder Co Host / Guest • Both Record Locally
 • Skype with ◦ eCamm Recorder for Mac ◦ Amoloto for PC
 • Zoom 
 • Zencaster
  30. Editing

  31. How Should You Edit? • Do it yourself
 • Hire

    a Professional
  32. DIY vs. Hiring Out

  33. What you should do: It depends! • On if you

    have the time
 • If you have the money
 • How much control you want over the show
  34. Tools of the Trade • Audacity
 • Garage Band

 • Adobe Audition • Fiverr
 • Upwork
  35. A Podcast Needs a Home

  36. A Podcast Needs a Home • Podcasts should have a

    website • They allow for a central place for content, RSS*, and Canonical Links** • Setting Up a good website for your podcast can help it grow
 *Really Simple Syndication - needed to get your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more **The one true source for your content.
  37. The 4 Things You Absolutely Need. 1. A Good Domain

    2. Good Hosting
 3. WordPress
 4. A Podcast Plugin
  38. 1.A Good Domain

  39. Choosing the Right Domain • .com or .fm (in this

    specific case) • Make it short (11 characters or fewer) • Make it speakable • Make it memorable - try to match the show name • Have alternates available
  40. 2. Good Hosting

  41. Choosing Good Hosting • Easy WordPress Setup • Good Support

    • Let’s Encrypt for SSL • Backups • Should be Different from Media/Audio Hosting
  42. Why Separate Audio Hosting? • Specialization means faster downloads •

    If your site goes down, your podcast won’t • Advanced Analytics • Custom (or customizable) audio players
  43. The Good Audio Hosts • Libsyn • Bluburry • Castos

    (Killer WP integration) • Simplecast (All-in-One solution)
  44. Relative Newcomer: Anchor.fm

  45. You should avoid: Soundcloud

  46. Recommendation: Libsyn or Castos

  47. 3. WordPress

  48. Why WordPress? • Streamlines entire website setup process • Used

    by over 30% of web • Strong community • Great tools for podcasting • Easily add blog, shop, or community as well
  49. 4. A Podcast Plugin

  50. Evaluating Podcast Plugins • Consider if your podcast host has

    a WordPress plugin ◦ Also, have a separate audio host for your podcast • Make sure it has Apple Podcast compliant RSS feeds • Look at the features - how customizable is everything? • Does it play nice with other themes and plugins?
  51. The Good Plugins • Seriously Simple Podcasting • Powerpress

  52. Recommendation: Seriously Simple Podcasting

  53. Submitting Your Podcast

  54. Submit your show to: • Apple Podcasts / iTunes

    Google Podcasts
 • Stitcher
 • TuneIn
 • Spotify
  55. Tips for Submitting • Have an Episode 0 so your

    launch day isn’t at the mercy of Apple. • Get onto Apple first - they are the biggest, and many smaller podcast apps just pull from their directory • A good audio host should help you, but if you’re using your website as your feed, you might be on your own • Each host’s submission process is slightly different
  56. Wrapping Up!

  57. Takeaways • Pick a topic and format you’re passionate about

    • You don’t need the best setup starting out
 • Having a website / one source for your show is important • Podcasting is a grind
  58. Thanks for Watching! I’m Joe Casabona, a Developer, Teacher, and

    Podcaster. Find me at https://casabona.org Any Questions?