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Appium: Automation for Mobile Apps

Appium: Automation for Mobile Apps

This presentation was first given at the Google Test Automation Conference in April of 2013. It introduces Appium, a mobile automation framework, discusses the philosophy behind Appium, and highlights various features.

Most of the content is in my speaking, not the slides themselves. To see the video of the talk, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J0aXDbjiUE&list=SPSIUOFhnxEiCODb8XQB-RUQ0RGNZ2yW7d&index=16

To see the demo video not included in these slides, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTIEt11cXNk

Jonathan Lipps

April 24, 2013

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  1. automation for mobile apps Jonathan Lipps | @jlipps | Sauce

  2. Mobile is taking over the world. Where is our mobile

    automation? Our mobile CI?
  3. It's a multi-platform age. Mass adoption requires cross-platform apps.

  4. appium is the cross-platform solution for native and hybrid mobile

  5. 1 appium philosophy 2 3 4

  6. Rule 1 
 Test the same app you submit to

    the marketplace
  7. Rule 2 
 Write your tests in any language, using

    any framework
  8. Rule 3 
 Use a standard automation specification and API

  9. Rule 4 
 Build a large and thriving open- source

    community effort
  10. appium in space! 2 3 4 1

  11. iOS Android calabash-ios Frank UIAutomation ios-driver KeepItFunctional calabash-android MonkeyTalk Robotium

    UiAutomator selendroid
  12. None
  13. Selenium WebDriver is the standard for browser automation, with libraries

    in every* language
  14. Selenium WebDriver is used every single day by thousands of

    developers familiar with its model
  15. Selenium WebDriver is a W3C working draft

  16. appium architecture 2 3 4 1

  17. appium is an HTTP server that creates and handles WebDriver

  18. appium starts a "test case" on the device that spawns

    a server and listens for proxied commands
  19. On iOS, appium proxies commands to a UIAutomation script running

    in Instruments
  20. None
  21. On Android, appium proxies commands to a UiAutomator test case

    running on the device
  22. None
  23. appium in action 2 3 4 1

  24. appium opens the door to cross- platform mobile testing: one

    test, two mobile platforms
  25. Demo app donated by

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  31. Demo

  32. None
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  35. appium is great for local test development, but has limitations

    when scaling up for use in CI
  36. Sauce Labs is great for scale when you need to

    run a lot of appium tests in your build
  37. saucelabs.com/appium

  38. Questions?

  39. appium.io github.com/appium/appium   @AppiumDevs    |    @jlipps    |

       @saucelabs   Thank you