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Pursuing Lagom: Finding Balance Between Extremes

Julia Wester
October 18, 2018

Pursuing Lagom: Finding Balance Between Extremes

In complex systems, the best choice is contextual and usually lives somewhere on a spectrum between extremes. Finding lagom (the Swedish concept for "just right") is a necessary, but difficult, task. Come and learn how and why to identify Lagom in your context and how to safely get there.

Julia Wester

October 18, 2018

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  1. October 17, 2018 Pursuing Lagom: Finding Balance Between Extremes Julia

    Wester, Lagom Solutions Co-Founder: https://lagom.solutions Blogger: http://everydaykanban.com Twitter: @everydaykanban @teamlagom
  2. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom In other words: understanding the full consequences

    of your actions, especially when the action and the consequences are separated by time and space! @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 5 #alldaydevops Systems Thinking https://john-lewis-artist.deviantart.com/ To see the connections in any situation within a system and to understand better how things unfold over time.
  3. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 6 #alldaydevops most most

    negative outcomes Let’s consider consequences on a spectrum… fewest fewer fewer range of ideal operation Focus on failure recovery only Focus on failure prevention only not ideal not ideal
  4. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 10 #alldaydevops most most

    negative outcomes Lagom is somewhere in a spectrum between extremes, but not always in the middle… fewest fewer A B lagom fewer most fewest fewer A B lagom
  5. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom https://www.engadget.com/2014/04/02/spotifys-quest-for-balanced-design/ The guiding philosophy was that of

    “lagom” … A balance between being distinctly new and modern, but not unfamiliar; feature rich, but not overwhelming; beautiful, but not over-designed. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 11 #alldaydevops on redesigning the user experience
  6. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 13 #alldaydevops Decision What

    decision are you trying to make? Do I focus on new features or maintenance?
  7. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom #alldaydevops 14 Consequences and

    Signals What consequences, and their signals, do you anticipate when you operate at different points along the spectrum? Where is “just right”? New features all the time! We need 6 months for stabilization
  8. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 15 #alldaydevops Natural Tendency

    If left unmanaged, would you operate at lagom, too little, or too much?
  9. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 16 #alldaydevops It’s time

    to get scientific… First, create a hypothesis! What could you do to push away from your natural tendency towards lagom?
  10. @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom @everydaykanban | @TeamLagom 19 #alldaydevops I’m working

    on a visual guide to find your lagom... It’s not right yet! (needs more spectrum-y goodness) Let’s chat in Slack!