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Taming the Chaos: After the Quick Wins

Taming the Chaos: After the Quick Wins

Your team started using Kanban boards and visualizing your work a while back and, though everyone is happy about the increased visibility, your team is nowhere near the utopia other teams say they’ve achieved. Even worse, you don’t know why or how to get there!

Many teams hit this same plateau and stop, falling tragically short of the value that can be achieved with deeper Kanban implementations. Julia Wester will share tangible steps to take to help transform shallow kanban implementations into systems focused on flow and continuous improvement.


Julia Wester

April 27, 2017


  1. @everydaykanban Taming the Chaos: Beyond the Quick Wins Julia Wester

    Consultant at LeanKit @everydaykanban
  2. @everydaykanban

  3. @everydaykanban

  4. ARE YOU IN THE SHALLOWS? Four indicators of a shallow

    kanban implementation @everydaykanban
  5. @everydaykanban You visualize work… even if it’s scary! +

  6. @everydaykanban Focus is on the people, not the work -

  7. @everydaykanban WIP Limits 3

  8. @everydaykanban Improvement… isn’t continuous 4

  9. @everydaykanban Keep moving forward

  10. @everydaykanban

  11. ENTERING THE DEEP Tips for diving deeper to discover hidden

    business value @everydaykanban
  12. Think like a system, not an isolated team @everydaykanban

  13. @everydaykanban 1 Build Relationships with Other Teams

  14. @everydaykanban Visualize Key Cross-Team Info 2

  15. @everydaykanban Ensure Metrics Foster the Right Stuff 3

  16. @everydaykanban Focus on flow of customer value

  17. @everydaykanban Elevate the Work Itself 1

  18. @everydaykanban Use “Pull” to Manage Flow 2

  19. @everydaykanban

  20. @everydaykanban Limit WIP to Find Problems 3

  21. @everydaykanban Continuously assess and improve

  22. @everydaykanban Make Feedback a Habit via Cadences 1 Every day

    Every 1-2 wee Every month
  23. @everydaykanban Cast a Wide Feedback Net 2

  24. @everydaykanban Rub A Little Science On It 3

  25. @everydaykanban

  26. @everydaykanban Start thinking about tracking your progress

  27. @everydaykanban E-mail julia@leankit.com for: • This awesome slide deck! •

    A blog post on measuring your progress • A Kanban roadmap e-book to help you dive into the deep
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