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How to run a remote business while travelling the world. @ WordCamp Cologne

How to run a remote business while travelling the world. @ WordCamp Cologne

The nomadic lifestyle is quite popular these days. Usually you read about the topic from freelancers or entrepreneurs starting with a product. The kind of people who are very independent, without lots of responsibilities. But you rarely hear from actual agencies who do this kind of thing. So, we at required+ do and I'd like to share my experience with you.


June 07, 2015

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  1. How to run a remote business while travelling the world.

  2. we are a remote business by design and choice. Get

    to know me and my business
  3. walking through the streets in a different city. My best

    ideas hit me on the go
  4. break through the negativity and fear that limits your experience.

    Let's build a lifestyle business!
  5. remote teams put everything in writing. Communication within the team

  6. P2

  7. None
  8. Get inspired travelling is the best way to educate yourself!

  9. connect things and generate new ideas. Get inspired

  10. Take a bird's-eye-view …and reflect.

  11. People tend to be over-concerned break through this negativity that

    limits your experience.
  12. being on a constant vacation and never work. What people

    think I do all day
  13. What I actually do all day working on the subway,

    from a co-working space or cafe.
  14. What I do in my spare-time surfing the longest left

    in Chicama, Peru.
  15. do your own thing. Don’t listen to what others say!

  16. Know your goals exploring or inspiring?

  17. what type of traveler are you? Know your travel persona

  18. Know your constraints like the lack of proper wifi.

  19. What to pack with whom to travel?

  20. “Nothing brings compatible people together like adventure. However, nothing drives

    incompatible people apart like stress.” by Brendan Beneshott, co-founder of Toptal
  21. it’s slightly more complicated. Timezone matters

  22. it’s a flexible instrument. I change my daily routine

  23. life and work belong together Work-Life Balance is Bullshit!

  24. Work & travel the world? …just do it!

  25. further reads on medium.com/@karinchristen Work & travel the world!