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REMOTE - How to manage a fully remote team

November 21, 2020

REMOTE - How to manage a fully remote team

How to setup remote work


November 21, 2020

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  1. image by boris-baldinger.com REMOTE Karin Christen How to manage a

    fully remote Team
  2. KARIN CHRISTEN Leader, Designer, Lecturer @karinchristen required.com/karin

  3. required we are

  4. 2009 Zurich Schwerin Lucerne Hochdorf 2013 since

  5. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/60619.Jason_Fried Starting a business on the side while keeping your

    day job can provide all the cash flow you need. ― Jason Fried, ReWork —  “ ”
  6. https://freshjobs.ch

  7. inspired by we are

  8. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/60619.Jason_Fried

  9. REMOTE we are

  10. ONE TEAM 7 team members 7 Cities 3 Countries

  11. Lucerne Zurich, Basel, St. Gallen Schwerin Cologne, Bangkok we are

    required gmbh required gmbh
  12. Lucerne Zurich, Basel, St. Gallen Schwerin Cologne, Bangkok we are

    required gmbh required gmbh Taxes where to pay
  13. Being reliable and responsive brings trust in your client relationship

  14. “Being reliable and responsive brings trust in your client relationship”

  15. Stop commuting your life away! ― Jason Fried, REMOTE — 

    “ ”
  16. TIPS Hiring

  17. Hire doers 
 Doers will get stuff done even if

    they are working in Disney Land.
  18. Hire people you can trust 
 Remote work stops working

    when you can't trust the person.
  19. Trust the people you hire 
 You also need to

    exhibit trust with the people you hire.
  20. Hire people who can write 
 In working remote, almost

    everything is shared via written communication.
  21. Hire people who are ok without a social workplace!

  22. https://www.menti.com/ouvx5jf73b Share your experience:

  23. https://medium.com/digital-nomad-stories/working-remote-timezone-matters MATTERS Timezone

  24. +10 h -4 h -6 h +11 h Sidney -

    Brisbane Vancouver, Whistler +5 h -11 h -9 h New York 
 San Francisco Hawaii Peru Chile Argentinien Thailand
  25. +5 h -9 h TEAM MEETING time managing

  26. https://savvytime.com/converter

  27. Ironically, you’ll probably get far more done when only half

    of your workday overlaps with the rest of your team 
 — Jason Fried, REMOTE —  “ ”
  28. OFFICE virtual

  29. https://slack.com

  30. None
  31. Video Calls Face time

  32. https://zoom.us

  33. Minimize screen time - try phone calls https://ideas.ted.com/zoom-fatigue-is-real-heres-why-video-calls-are-so-draining/


  35. Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking. Great writers

    know how to communicate. They make things easy to understand. ― Jason Fried, ReWork —  “ ”
  36. SMALL TALKS provide room for

  37. Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash BREAKS no water-cooler catch-ups

  38. ENTERTAINMENT #Slack-Channel

  39. None
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  42. Emoticons ..are replacing..

  43. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

  44. Emotions

  45. None
  46. PROCESSES & TOOLS A central hub for

  47. Code into the cloud Project-Managing

  48. https://www.helpscout.com

  49. None
  50. Emojis

  51. Pros OVERVIEW


  53. COMPANY RETREATS Quality Time

  54. None
  55. None
  56. To successfully work with other people, you have to trust

    each other - Trust people to get their work done wherever they are, without supervision. ― Jason Fried, REMOTE —  “ ”
  57. Q&A @karinchristen required.com/karin