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Building Analytics in Start-ups

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September 30, 2015

Building Analytics in Start-ups

Samson Hu, Data Engineer at Wish shared how he built analytics infrastructure from the ground up at 500px and Wish.



September 30, 2015


  1. Samson Hu @samson_hu Data Engineer Wish Building Analytics in

  2. Fast growth start-up, very basic data capabilities • 50 employees,

    8 teams • Google Sheets containing daily KPI’s • Splunk for event log analytics • MySQL read replica for analytics
  3. Data infrastructure was in a sad state • Broke daily/weekly

    • Inaccurate • Hard to interpret • Inaccessible • Poor data culture
  4. 10 months later • Broke daily/weekly -> Robust pipeline (Luigi)

    • Inaccurate -> Tests around metrics • Hard to interpret -> BI Tool (Periscope) • Inaccessible -> Redshift data warehouse • Poor data culture -> New processes
  5. ETL’s are complicated. Need a framework that is robust Luigi

    provides: • Dependencies between tasks built in • Idempotent • Extendable
  6. Programmatic tests guard against bad metrics Sources of pipeline error

    • Parsing logs wrong • Log pipeline data loss • Bad definitions Build cross-reference checks • Tie metrics to external sources of truth (DAU logs, DAU GA) • Compute metrics via logs, and then through the database. Check difference
  7. Democratize access to data Redshift + Periscope = Easy to

    use schema + vis layer Analyst no longer needed for simple pulls
  8. Become data driven by tying in data into operations •

    Each feature needs success metrics • Metrics dashboards for each team and product feature • Educate, educate, educate
  9. Drive direction using data from the top 1. Set strategy

    2. Choose metrics 3. Forecast 4. Measure
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  15. Log everything to Hive Custom internal tools to view events,

    run a/b tests Store summary metrics in MongoDB Expose summary metrics to merchants via API
  16. Samson Hu @samson_hu Data Engineer Wish