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A Crash Course in Typography — WordCamp Baroda 2014

King Sidharth
January 26, 2014

A Crash Course in Typography — WordCamp Baroda 2014

Improved slides from my talk at WordCamp Baroda, 2014 — are about basics of typography, trends, best / recommended practices and related WordPress tools.

King Sidharth

January 26, 2014

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  1. g A Crash Course ! Typography by @kingsidharth for WordCamp

    Baroda 2014 #WCBaroda | 26th January, 2014 in fi &
  2. More than 90%* of the communication on the web is

    text. So making that text work is important. Very important. Seriously! * You might’ve other numbers; but you know what I mean.
  3. Words Per Line width & font-size Keep it 70-80 words

    per line. Google: Golden Ratio Typography
  4. L e t t e r S p a c

    i n g letter-spacing: 1px; Play around. For highlights, headlines.
  5. .format-text .entry-title .entry-content Control styling of the of post/page headline(s)

    Control the styling of the main body of post/page Control the styling of a text post. (Multiple post type exist in WP) Most good themes use these classes.
  6. Body Classes to Control Typography of Post/Page Types <body class=“

    <?php if(is_single()) { echo ‘single’; } ?> ”> Most good themes have this in place.
  7. .single .entry-title { // Style Rules for Headline } !

    .single .entry-content p { // Paragraph Rules for Main Content of Your Post }
  8. is_single() //single post/page is_page() //single page is_post() //single post is_front_page()

    //front page. duh! is_archive() //month, year, tax, category is_category() //month, year, tax, category
  9. .page, #page-<id> //single page .post, #post-<id> //single post .home //homepage!

    .search //search result page .tag, .category, .author