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Accountability for Personal Growth

King Sidharth
February 23, 2019

Accountability for Personal Growth

Accountability is important in every field to achieve something meaningful. From business, health to music, and arts — every field has frameworks to measure and keep one accountable.

But what about personal growth, dreams, and life goals? How do we become accountable for that? How do we make sure we are moving a step closer to our dreams every day?

Sharing a framework that worked for me for the last 5-6 years.

King Sidharth

February 23, 2019

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  1. Accountability for Personal Growth A talk by @kingsidharth for TEDxVBIT

    (Feb, 2019) conquer the world within
  2. Story of Accounting The need to track beans in the

  3. The idea behind double-entry accounting 100 bucks Must come from

    somewhere Must go to somewhere A transaction, in accounting, records movement of value. The value must come from somewhere and go to somewhere.
  4. Accountability in Music, Sports, Diet, Exercise, etc. “You cannot improve

    what you cannot measure.” "
  5. Accountability for Personal Growth How do we account for personal

    growth? $
  6. 25 Years & Today a framework for accounting personal growth

    Based on ideas by Taylor Pearson & others Source: https://taylorpearson.me/planning/
  7. Create a vision map for 25 years in the future.

    In 25 years… •What will your body look and feel like? •Where would you be living? What kind of house and environment is it? •Do you work? What would you work on? •What would your income be like? •Etc.
  8. 25 Years 90 days M onthly W eekly Daily Plan

    in this order
  9. 25 Years 90 days M onthly W eekly Daily Execute

    & Review in this Order
  10. Examples Social Skills Health 25 Years Speak 4 languages !

    Look 25 years younger " 90 days Join a French class Eat healthier This Month Find a suitable French class Make & follow weekly meal plans This Week Research on 3 local French classes Meet the dietician
  11. Why does it work? Compounding: we can’t wrap our brains

    around it
  12. Why does it fail? When your vision doesn’t appeal to

    your heart.
  13. How do you envision yourself 25 years in the future?

    How do you make sure your vision is true to your heart?
  14. Keep Finding Yourself it’s a life long process

  15. Exposure Read, travel and meet new people

  16. Introspection Write, meditate, walk, and learn new skills

  17. Accountability Stay true to your dreams, every day ❤

  18. Thank You on instagram, twitter, & medium: or drop me

    a mail at: @kingsidharth [email protected]