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User Experience Design Lessons from Pornography

King Sidharth
September 29, 2013

User Experience Design Lessons from Pornography

Porn can give us much more than a momentary relief & pleasure. It can teach us several UX lessons.

King Sidharth

September 29, 2013

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  1. Please Sign-up for updates! Pay with a tweet!!!! Subscribe to

    our newsle er! Invite your friends? Please? He opens his favorite site and meets:
  2. Get out of the fucking way. Lesson: Let users do,

    what they want to do. Porn: Get off Commerce: Make a purchase Social Network: Talk Blog: Read
  3. But Peter doesn’t like what he sees. Peter logs on

    to a better site Peter decides to watch a video.
  4. Have fallback actions. Lesson: If they don’t sign-up, have a

    backup plan Offer more information. Offer more things to read. Offer more things to watch. KEEP PETER AS LONG AS YOU CAN.
  5. The black background, hot porn, so many options... Peter really

    likes this site. Things are pacing up. the like & tweet button are odd, though.
  6. Use Visuals to Create the Mood Lesson: Aid actions &

    emotions with visual mood Better typography for reading. Better controls for video. Better speed for apps. But DO NOT distract.
  7. He clicks to open, and clicks to close Peter has

    no problem finding his way He knows his way through every porn site!
  8. Photos, lists and previews. Links are always links. Play bu

    on is always in the same place. Porn sites have similar UI patterns: This might sound obvious. But many sites kill basic usability and break expected behavior in the name of design.
  9. Leverage Usability & User Expectation Lesson: In this one place,

    follow the crowd. Unless you know why and how you’re breaking it.
  10. And so are we! Thank you. This idea is still

    under construction. For ideas, suggestions, threats, and discussions: @kingsidharth or [email protected]