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What to do with your life - TEDxTirupati 2013

King Sidharth
September 08, 2013

What to do with your life - TEDxTirupati 2013

My talk from TEDxTirupati, 2013 - titled 'What to do with your life'. Presenting an alternate life-choice to follow your dreams than live a life which everybody else, other than you, decides for you.

King Sidharth

September 08, 2013

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  1. 7 Years Ago 2006 Moved to Chandigarh from small industrial

    town: Baddi not very different from Tirupati
  2. 5 Years Ago 2008 Finished 10th grade Started an online

    Magazine: theFriendz.biz Started Freelancing as a Web Designer
  3. 4 Years Ago 2009 Got featured in a book: 50

    Interviews: Young Entrepreneurs How to Make More Money Than Your Parents
  4. 3 Years Ago 2010 Failed in 12th Grade Gap Year

    My Fist Job as Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  5. This Year 2013 Left my own company to join Instamojo

    Entrepreneur + Designer + Cake Baker + Book Reader etc.
  6. Classic Idea of Life Be Born > Get education >

    Get a degree > Get a job > Get money > Get a spouse > Get a house > Get those damn babies > Educate them > Put them in the same rat race as yours > Retire > Die.
  7. Err... Where is the scope and space for your dreams?

    for your aspirations? for your getting to know life? Stop this madness. Halt. Let me think. Let me have a look at what I am doing?
  8. live a life of Your Dreams Entrepreneurship Live a life

    of your dreams, or die trying. Have fun all along the way.
  9. “Would you rather chase your dreams, happiness and satisfaction? Or

    keep adjusting to life till the day you die.” “If you are not living the life of your dreams, or at least trying to. What are you here for?”
  10. Find Yourself. Who are you? Body? A person? A son/daughter?

    A son/daughter? A girlfriend/boyfriend? Where do we start?
  11. What is your education? Your degree or qualifications? Or the

    lessons life taught you? Educate Yourself
  12. Is it your job? That your degree defined? That everything

    else defined? Or something you want to contribute to, change? Choose your Profession
  13. Work Hard! Rat Race! Reality: Life is about the fun,

    joy, & satisfaction. Life is about Goals Myth:
  14. Too old, too young, too tall, too short, too fat,

    too boy, too girl... Reality: Do you know who you are? You are Not good enough Myth: