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Know Shit About Design @ Startup Saturday Mumbai

Know Shit About Design @ Startup Saturday Mumbai

Slides from my talk about design at Startup Saturday Mumbai; covering the basic fundamentals of design—from philosophy, to practical application and hiring.

King Sidharth

March 08, 2014

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  1. Know Shit About @kingsidharth (that cute guy with long hair)

    Design Startup Saturday Mumbai March 8, 2014
  2. Function is Form Grammar is Expression In case of Great

    Designs: Nature: Leaves, Trees, Bodies, Sexual Features…
  3. User’s Intent is Your Command Design around user’s intent. User

    centred design. Intent based design. Or… User eXperience Design
  4. Information Architecture What information is required to take the action?

    In what sequence? In what layout? Flow-charts. Wire-frames.
  5. Where am I? What is this about? What can I

    do here? … Know thy customer.
  6. Where am I? What is this about? What can I

    do here? … Know thy customer.
  7. User Interface What can I do here? Interacting with the

    information. Forms. Buttons. Text. ! Scroll > Click > Type
  8. Go!

  9. Go!

  10. 1. Flow charts of the processes. 2. 1 (2,3) for

    each point of interaction. 3. Sketch the wire-frame. 4. Build it in the browser. 5. Test, Polish & Refine.
  11. More Constrains = Bull-shit free (Be er) Design Screen Size

    Internet Speed Device Performance Limited & Shared Attention Span
  12. Use frameworks like Inuit.css Zurb’s Foundation to build it in

    the browser quickly. ! Use Twitter’s Bootstrap for prototypes only.
  13. A Designer User Experience Designer User Interface Designer Visual Designer

    team them up with a Front-end Engineer In that order:
  14. Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug bit.ly/dmmta * bit.ly/dmmtflip

    * ! Signal vs. Noise by 37 Signals signalvnoise.com ! A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, etc. ! *big ugly aff links Read