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私と神戸とバルセロナ #KobeBarcelonaViz

June 16, 2016

私と神戸とバルセロナ #KobeBarcelonaViz

神戸市・バルセロナ市連携 World Data Viz Challenge 2016 での発表資料です。


June 16, 2016

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  1. Me

  2. Colorize Then, we can feel our local bias in the

    city. 国土数値情報を元に加工 Decompose by 3 vectors, and color with it ...
  3. What’s happening • Young people are concentrating to city very

    rapidly – Beyond the speed we really recognize 国土数値情報を元に加工
  4. New index • From each citizen’s viewpoint, things are totally

    different by local demographic bias – Waiting children problem, or – Elementary school capacity problem • Like a kind of land price, etc. – Is it possible to use the index for helping people live in comfortable ? – For optimized resource allocation, for example.
  5. Kobe and Barcelona We can compare the two directly, by

    joining the data. http://hkwi.github.io/kobe-barcelona/