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AWS Observability Made Simple

AWS Observability Made Simple

Have you ever thought that your Lambda functions could fail without you even noticing?

If the answer is YES, that’s probably because you already “burnt" yourself playing with the cloud, where errors and failures are always around the corner…

Unfortunately we can’t prevent all types of failures, but what we can do is try to spot them as soon as possible and react quickly.

In order to do that, we need good observability for our serverless applications and therefore we need to become good friends with services like CloudWatch.

If you have tried CloudWatch already, you probably know how powerful but also complex it can be…

In this talk we will approach the topic of observability for serverless applications on AWS. We will discuss best practices and how to build a good friendship with CloudWatch.

We will also present some interesting automation tools that we can use to take away most of the pain of setting up dashboards and alarms in CloudWatch, making it easier to achieve great levels of observability.


Luciano Mammino

November 11, 2021

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  1. AWS Observability made simple Eóin Shanaghy - Luciano Mammino AWS

    Community Day - November 11th 2021 fth.link/o11y-simple
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  6. fth.link/o11y-simple

  7. Observability in the cloud a measure of how well internal

    states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs 🪵 🔍 📈 🚨 Structured Logs Tracing Metrics Alarms “
  8. A typical case study ⚡ Serverless app • Distributed system

    (100s of components) 🔌 HTTP APIs using • Lambda • DynamoDB • API Gateway • Cognito 🧱 Multiple services / stacks 🏁 Using SLIC Starter (fth.link/slic) 173 resources!
  9. A typical case study ⚽ The goal: know about problems

    before users do How? 📝 Structured Logs 📐 Metrics 🔔 Alarms 📊 Dashboards 🗺 Traces (X-Ray)
  10. Can we test our observability? 󰝊 We run a stress

    test ◦ Simulate traffic using the integration test ◦ Run the test a number of times in parallel (in a loop) ◦ Exercises all the APIs with typical use cases (login, CRUD operations, etc.) 🚨 After 10-15 minutes, we started to get alarms...
  11. 🚨 Alerts flow!

  12. Making sense of alerts

  13. Initial Hypothesis 🛑 We got throttled (DynamoDB write throttle events)

    ↪ 🔁 causing AWS SDK retries (in the Lambda function) ↪ ⏱ causing Lambda timeouts ↪ 👎 causing API Gateway 502 🧪 How do we validate this? 1. Check the timeout cause ➡ Lambda metrics/logs 2. Check the Lambda error cause ➡ Lambda logs 3. Identify the source of 5xx errors in API Gateway ➡ X-Ray 4. Check the DynamoDB metrics ➡ Dashboards
  14. Gathering evidence

  15. Checking timeouts • Check lambda timeouts ◦ Duration metrics (aggregated

    data) ◦ Logs (individual requests) • Logs Insights give us duration for each individual request. We can use this to isolate the logs for just that request. • We use stats to see how many executions are affected.
  16. Inspecting DynamoDB Capacity

  17. Tracing errors

  18. HTTP 502

  19. HTTP 500 UNEXPECTED! 😱

  20. Lambda CloudWatch Logs

  21. Conclusions 🌡 Symptom 🐞 Problem 󰟿 Resolution 1 DynamoDB throttles

    Table with low provisioned WCUs (write capacity) Switch table to PAY_PER_REQUEST Add throttling in API Gateway to limit potential cost impact 2 API 502 Errors Lambda Timeouts Throttles caused DynamoDB retries with exponential backoff - up to 50 seconds of retry Change maxRetries to 3 (350ms max retry) 3 API 500 Errors Attempt to update a missing record - problem with integration test! Fix the integration test to ensure deletion occurs after other actions complete. Also improved the API design
  22. Before and after

  23. What we have learned so far 󰠅 • We were

    able to identify, understand and fix these errors quite quickly • We didn’t have to change the code to do that • Nor did we run it locally with a debugger • All of this was possible because we configured observability tools in AWS in advance
  24. AWS native o11y = CloudWatch Cloudwatch gives you: ➔ Logs

    with Insights ➔ Metrics ➔ Dashboards ➔ Alarms ➔ Canaries ➔ Distributed tracing (with X-Ray)
  25. Alternatives outside AWS Established New entrants Roll your own (only

    for the brave)
  26. CloudWatch out of the box 😍 A toolkit you can

    use to build observability 🤩 Metrics are automatically generated for all services! 😟 Lots of dashboards, but by service and not by application! 😢 Zero alarms out of the box!
  27. Getting the best out of Cloudwatch Cloudwatch can be your

    friend if you... 📚 Research and understand available metrics 📐 Decide thresholds 📊 Write IaC for application dashboards ⏰ Write IaC for service metric alarms ⏪ Update every time your application changes 📋 Copy and paste for each stack in your application (a.k.a. A LOT OF WORK!)
  28. Best practices 😇 AWS Well Architected Framework 🏛 5 Pillars

    ⚙ Operational excellence pillar covers observability 🧐 Serverless lens applies these pillars 👍 Good guidance on metrics to observe 👎 More reading and research + you still have to pick thresholds
  29. CloudFormation for CloudWatch Alarms 😬 "Type": "AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm", "Properties": { "ActionsEnabled":

    true, "AlarmActions": [ "arn:aws:sns:eu-west-1:665863320777:FTSLICAlarms" ], "AlarmName": "LambdaThrottles_serverless-test-project-dev-hello", "AlarmDescription": "Throttles % for serverless-test-project-dev-hello ..", "EvaluationPeriods": 1, "ComparisonOperator": "GreaterThanThreshold", "Threshold": 0, "TreatMissingData": "notBreaching", "Metrics": [ { "Id": "throttles_pc", "Expression": "(throttles / throttles + invocations) * 100", "Label": "% Throttles", "ReturnData": true }, { "Id": "throttles", "MetricStat": { "Metric": { "Namespace": "AWS/Lambda", "MetricName": "Throttles", "Dimensions": [ { "Name": "FunctionName", "Value": "serverless-test-project-dev-hello" } ] }, "Period": 60, "Stat": "Sum" }, "ReturnData": false }, { "Id": "invocations", "MetricStat": { "Metric": { "Namespace": "AWS/Lambda", "MetricName": "Invocations",
  30. Can we automate this? Magically generated alarms and dashboards for

    each application!
  31. fth.link/slic-watch Introducing SLIC Watch

  32. How SLIC Watch works 🛠 Your app serverless.yml sls deploy

    CloudFormation stack very-big.json SLIC Watch 👀 🛠 CloudFormation stack ++ even-bigger.json Deploy ☁ 📊📈
  33. Before SLIC Watch

  34. After SLIC Watch

  35. After SLIC Watch

  36. After SLIC Watch

  37. After SLIC Watch

  38. After SLIC Watch Check out SLIC Slack

  39. Configuration 🎀 SLIC Watch comes with sane defaults 📝 You

    can configure what you don’t like 🔌 Or disable specific dashboards or alarms
  40. How to get started 📣 Create an SNS Topic as

    the alarm destination (optional) 📦 ❯ npm install serverless-slic-watch-plugin --save-dev ✍ Update serverless.yml ⚙ Configure (optional) 🚢 ❯ sls deploy plugins: - serverless-slic-watch-plugin 💡 Check out the complete example project in the repo!
  41. Wrapping up 🎁 ★ If your services are failing you

    definitely want to know about it! ★ Observability can save you from hundreds of hours of blind debugging! ★ CloudWatch is the go to tool in AWS but you have to configure it! ★ Automation can take most of the configuration pain away ★ SLIC Watch can give you this automation ★ You still have control and flexibility 🔬Try it out! 🗣 Give feedback! 🌈 Let’s make it better! fth.link/slic-watch
  42. Thank you! fth.link/o11y-simple Cover picture by Markus Spiske on Unsplash