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The "Libraries Empowerment Manifesto"

November 27, 2013

The "Libraries Empowerment Manifesto"

Lightning talk given by Adrian Pohl at #swib13


November 27, 2013

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  1. The “Libraries Empowerment Manifesto” Adrian Pohl Lightning Talk @SWIB13, 2013-11-27

  2. Goal the formation and development of an international library ecosystem

    that  is future-proof  empowers libraries to easily adapt their workflows & services as needed
  3. Obstacles  standards that may be open but opaque and

    domain-specific  dependance on products few vendors  closed interfaces  little web integration  desired adaptations may take time (if they are implemented at all)
  4. What is helpful: openness on different levels

  5. in the last years, libraries began sharing data and software

    for creating, storing, manipulating & presenting this data
  6. Source: https://www.kuali.org/ole/partners

  7. Source: https://github.com/libris/librisxl/issues

  8. Source: https://github.com/culturegraph/

  9. 9 Sources: https://www.finna.fi/ & https://github.com/KDK-Alli

  10. Source: https://www.kuali.org/ole/partners

  11. Source: http://librecat.org/

  12. 12 Source: https://github.com/gbv

  13. Source: https://github.com/lobid/lodmill

  14. and many more...

  15. How to achieve wide adoption of this model on an

    international scale?
  16. 1st step: bringing together people and institutions that are already

    moving in this direction
  17. ? man·i·fes·to: a written statement that describes the policies, goals,

    and opinions of a person or group
  18. a manifesto? man·i·fes·to: a written statement that describes the policies,

    goals, and opinions of a person or group Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/manifesto
  19. Introducing „Libraries Empowerment Manifesto“

  20. or:

  21. „fundamental aspects of the way to communicate and get stuff

    done in an open, collaborative distributed environment“
  22.  Openness  Transparency  Inclusion  Meritocracy  Reuse

     Credit
  23. Interested? - Get involved (version 1.0 has still to be

    finalized) ➔ Discuss ➔ Comment ➔ Improve ➔ Endorse (not possible yet)
  24. Living document: http://etherpad.lobid.org/p/LEM

  25. Thanks. Contact: pohl@hbz-nrw.de or @acka47 25

  26. License 26 Pohl: Libraries Empowerment Manifesto These slides are published

    under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/