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What is Benkyo Player?

What is Benkyo Player?

Benkyo Player extends online video learning experiences


Makoto Inoue

July 20, 2013

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  1. Online  course  made  FAST  

  2. Massively  Open  Online  Courses  

  3. Problem:  Informa=on  Overload   223  Videos   15  hours  

  4. Solu=on:  Index  all  video  sub=tles  

  5. 1.  Browse  videos  with  sub=tle  search  

  6. 2.  Annotate  and  share  course  notes  

  7. 3.  Track  progress  in  one  place  

  8. Goal:  Spend  less  =me  watching  videos,   more  =me  doing

     stuff   Benkyo  (勉強) =    noun.  “Study”  in  Japanese