ServerlessDays Meetup - Building Global Services with Serverless

ServerlessDays Meetup - Building Global Services with Serverless

Serverless at the edge - how to build globally distributed applications.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate several patterns of how globally distributed, serverless applications can be built. We will talk about some of the design considerations you need to make and how several services can help out of the box with content acceleration, distributing state and ensuring CI/CD pipelines are used to deploy. During the presentation, we will put a specific emphasis on Lambda@Edge, the Global Accelerator, and SAM templates.

Marek Kuczynski is a Sr. Specialist Solutions Architect for Serverless at AWS. In his current role, he helps customers across EMEA adopting serverless technologies and improve their architectures. Prior to becoming a specialist at AWS, Marek worked for more than three years with startup and enterprise customers in The Benelux on building their applications on AWS.


Marek Kuczynski

November 07, 2019