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Research & Statistics - Nathan Tafoya

Research & Statistics - Nathan Tafoya


Mark Lautman

July 24, 2020


  1. 1 Research & Statistics Nathan Tafoya , CEcD Mount Pleasant

    Economic Development Corporation
  2. 2 P u r p o s e o f

    R e s e a r c h Research for research’s sake? Or is there a transfer of knowledge? “Research makes the unknown and reveals data that would otherwise be difficult to uncover.” Is your research discoverable? Is your research relevant & up-to-date? Is it credible? What are your sources? Remember your audience.
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  4. 4

  5. 5 W h e r e i s R e

    s e a r c h U s e d i n P r o j e c t P r o c e s s ? E . g . N E W M E X I C O P A R T N E R S H I P • Direct call from client • Sales mission • Trade show C O M P A N Y / S I T E S E L E C T I O N C O N S U L T A N T R E Q U E S T Company has need Engages NMP PRO sent to communities Responses submitted to client Follow- up/Shortlist Visit Announcement! • Lead from community partners • NMEDD Before you know it!!
  6. 6 KEY ELEMENTS 1. Real Estate: NMP, GIS Planning, GIS

    WebTech, CARNM, CoStar, LoopNet 2. Incentives/Taxes 3. Demographics: Income, Population, Education, Ethnicity 4. Labor Market: (include child care, commuting patterns) 5. Training & Education: JTIP, Work Keys, Workforce 6. Business Overview: Major Employers 7. Community Overview: Assets 8. Transportation & Logistics 9. Quality of Life (subjective) 10. Utilities (rates, capacity) 11. Organizational Data
  7. 7 1 . R E A L E S T

    A T E
  8. 8 R e a l E s t a t

    e Cost range per square foot, average time for permit approvals Buildings: Construction Costs Inventory and total available land and buildings for sale by type, available buildings for lease, vacancy rate, total number of sites and buildings by type, largest single sites and buildings by type Real Estate/Inventory Overview
  9. 9 R e a l E s t a t

    e Price range per square foot for five types of facilities Buildings for Lease Purchase and annual lease cost per acre for unimproved, semi-improved, and fully improved office, commercial, and industrial property Land for Purchase or Lease
  10. 10 Typical State PRO Questions on Real Estate • "Real

    Estate Representative(contact information)“ • Asking Price • Is site located in an industrial park? • Former Use(s) • Neighboring Uses • Total Site Acreage • Site Dimensions • Site Name • Site Location (street address, intersection or location coordinates) • County • Incorporated area (Y/N) • If in incorporated area, name of municipality • Public / Privately Owned • Owner(s) • Site Dimensions • "Additional Adjacent Acreage Available (specify acreage and location)“ • Acreage within floodplain/floodway • Current Zoning Designation • Zoning authority • Restrictive covenants
  11. 11 • Number lanes of road directly serving site •

    Nearest Interstate or Limited Access Highway • Distance • Name of Electric Power Provider -Distance to substation -Substation capacity (total / available) -Distance of distribution line to site -Distribution voltage -Voltage of transmission line serving substation -Distance to secondary substation -Secondary substation capacity (total / available) • Name of Natural Gas Provider -Distance to site -Line size -Current Operating Pressure(psig) • Name of Water Provider -Line size -Distance to site -Water treatment plant capacity (GPD) (total / available) • Name of Wastewater Provider -Line size -Distance to site -Gravity or force main • "Wastewater treatment plant capacity (GPD) (total / available)" • Telecommunication Provider(s) -Distance of fiber to site -Known environmental issues / challenges • List available environmental reports and the year they were prepared (Phase I, II ESA, wetland delineation study, archaeological survey, species studies, geotechnical reports)
  12. 12 T a x e s 2 . I n

    c e n t i v e s
  13. 13 I n c e n t i v e

    s / T a x e s ❑ State Tax Policy NM Economic Development Department https://gonm.biz/why-new-mexico/competitive- business-climate/tax-policy/ ❑ State Incentives NM Economic DevelopmentDepartment https://gonm.biz/why-new-mexico/competitive- business-climate/incentives/ ❑ NMP – runs incentive analysis for upcoming companies or competitive expansions ❑ Local Incentives and Taxes
  14. Fees/Permit Waivers and Reductions– Availability of waivers, deferrals, reductions and

    rebates on annual operating, development and entitlement fees, eligibility and restrictions, value, administering agency, brief descriptions Real Estate Incentives – Listing of programs including brief description, eligibility and restrictions, formula, value, use with other incentives Financing Incentives – Listing of programs including source and use of funds, maximum percentage of project financed, loan terms and fees, eligibility and restrictions, use with other incentives Incentives Overview: Availability of federal and state incentives, tax credits, real estate incentives, employment and training, local financing programs
  15. Hiring and Training Incentives – Listing of programs including eligibility

    and restrictions, type of program, value and cost of service, brief description Property Tax Abatement – Description of programs Other Incentives – Listing of programs including eligibility and restrictions, value, administering agency, brief description
  16. Regulatory ✓ Water Quality Regulations – Description of local and

    state requirements governing the site or community ✓ Zoning – Listing of ordinances including their principal uses and need for administrative or special use permits ✓ Permits and Fees – Permits and documents required, administering agency, contact name and information, application process, evaluation procedure, timeline, basis for fee, fee schedule, availability of air and water quality one-stop permitting ✓ Air Quality Regulations - Limits and degree of exceedance by category of air emissions; regional classification for non-attainment areas; average permitting time; filing fee, application process, evaluation procedure, evaluation fee and timeline for ability to construct and operate permits; emission fees and basis
  17. 17 G o v e r n m e n

    t & T a x e s
  18. Local Government – Local city and county information, form of

    government, number of elected officials, type of management, meeting frequency, contact information, year incorporated State and Federal Government – Number of local and state representatives in the state legislature, name, years in office, current term expiration, next election date for governor, U.S. senators, and congressmen *Protective Services (rare)– Police service provider(s), contact information, officers per 1,000 population, number of vehicles, service areas, number of precincts, availability of 24-hour patrol; name of fire protection agency, contact information, service area, volunteer status, number of stations, number of vehicles, insurance rating
  19. • Local Taxes – Administering agencies and rates for sales,

    property and utility taxes and business license fees • State Taxes – Rates for income tax, employment tax, disability insurance tax, sales tax, industry specific taxes, motor vehicle tax, property tax, inventory tax, mineral severance, inheritance tax, administering agency
  20. • Sales Tax – Sales tax rates by level of

    government, special rates for utilities, telephone service, applicability of sales tax to various machinery and equipment • Property Tax – Tax rates per $100 of assessed value in major employment centers, the taxation of select tangible and intangible property • Other Government Services – Listing of organizations including contact information and brief description of services
  21. 21 3 . D E M O G R A

    P H I C S
  22. 22 P u b l i c S o u

    r c e s o f D a t a U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. BEA has very reliable data on private sector business establishments and associated employment. We use this source to profile both farm and nonfarm proprietorships. Proprietorships are typically locally owned and “main street” type smaller businesses. However, this kind of business organization can include small manufacturing, industrial, construction and other concerns.
  23. 23 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS captures very accurate

    information on all establishments that have wage and salary workers based on workman’s compensation filings. However, this source does not necessarily capture smaller self- employment ventures or proprietorships.
  24. 24 U.S. Census Bureau. Census establishment and employment data is

    based on surveys. It is comprehensive but for smaller geographies, the sampling can result in potentially unreliable estimates. This source does include information on commuters, home-based and self-employed persons by economic sector. Use American Fact Finder now, but Starting in July, data.census.gov will be the primary way to access Census Bureau data, including upcoming releases from the 2018 American Community Survey, 2017 Economic Census, 2020 Census and more
  25. 25 S t a t s A m e r

    i c a : Y o u r P o r t a l t o U . S . D a t a www.statsamerica.org/
  26. 26 C e n s u s R e p

    o r t e r www.censusreporter.org/
  27. 27 4 . L a b o r M a

    r k e t
  28. 28 • Laborshed Area and Commute Patterns – Description of

    laborshed areas; commute times and percent working outside the county • Labor Force, Employment, Unemployment Rate – Local labor force, employment, and unemployment; state unemployment rate, labor participation rate by gender, short description of local underemployment • Permanent Part-Time Employees – Description of part- time labor pool, large part-time employers, occupational categories La bor D a t a • Seasonal Employees – Description of seasonal labor pool, large seasonal employers, heavy months, occupational categories
  29. 29 Employment by Industry – Number of employees by industry

    Military Presence – Listing of bases or installations including number of civilian employees, military personnel, annual military personnel, military dependents New Labor Market Entrants – Number of graduates and enrollment in local schools, individuals returning to labor market, in-migration Employment by Occupation – Number of employees in basic occupational categories
  30. 30 Applicants-to-Openings Ratio – Number of applicants and openings by

    type of job and area Relocatability of Professional Talent – Listing of personnel agencies including contact information, typical clientele, occupations recruited, level of difficulty, methods use
  31. 31 This CC BY-ND Wage Rates by Occupational Category –

    Average hourly wages for entry level and experienced employees Wage Rates by Industry – Total payroll, average salary, number of employees by industry sector Benefits and Human Resource Practices – Availability of typical benefits for both management and non-management occupations Workers’ Compensation Costs – State workers’ compensation premiums per $100 of payroll Unemployment Insurance – Taxable wage base, new employer rate, experienced employer rate, administering agency Wages and Unions
  32. Labor Quality – Ratings of labor characteristics, average work week

    in hours, average annual turnover in manufacturing and office occupations Union Activity – Local active unions including number of members and short description; right to work status, overall percent of unionized workers in state; work stoppages and days lost by company; listing of union elections including SIC code, union name, number of votes for and against, percent won in select industries; strikes by company, SIC code, number of striking workers, days lost Recruitment and Assessment Providers – Providers including contact information, hiring options, services offered, service value and cost, number of clients placed annually, companies served More Labor Information
  33. 33 UNM BBER & La ser The UNM Bureau of

    Business and Economic Research (UNMBBER) is the recognized expert in providing socioeconomic data and forecasting in New Mexico. UNMBBER’s research team provides economic forecasting as well as economic research services and data communication tools tailored to the needs of clients – public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic – seeking to understand and shape public policy on the state, regional, and local levels. BBER has most of the data since they combine private and public sector data sources. Economic Research and Analysis Bureau (ER&A) (LASER) ER&A is the principal source of labor market information for the state. ER&A collects, analyses, and disseminates this data in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Employment and Training Administration (ETA).
  34. 34 O n T h e M a p U

    g l y a s s i n & a l i t t l e o l d , b u t u s e f u l & r e l i a b l e d a t a !
  35. 35

  36. 36

  37. 37

  38. 38 P r i v a t e S o

    u r c e s o f D a t a • ESRI • Claritas, Demographics Now • EMSI • CHMURA • JOBSEQ *Check if your state or COG (council of government) has a license and can pull data for you on request.
  39. 39 Your Economy. The Your Economy (www.youreconomy.org) data is very

    comprehensive. The Your Economy data for ventures and jobs can be 20, 30 and even 40 percent higher as compared to the Esri data series. The Your Economy data set was created by the Edward Lowe Foundation and is now managed by the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
  40. 40 Other Sources ‒ Headwaters Economics (www.headwaterseconomic s.org), 2018 ‒

    U.S. Department of Agriculture, Census of Agriculture 2012 (quickstats.nass.usda.gov), 2018 ‒ Ben Winchester Brain Gain Databook, University of Minnesota Extension (obtained privately), 2016
  41. 41 5 . T r a i n i n

    g & E d u c a t i o n
  42. 42 Tra i n i n g a n d

    Ed uc a ti o n
  43. 43 T ra i n i n g a nd

    Educa tion Providers including contact information, number of clients served annually, companies served, short description of services Adult Basic Skills Education Providers Providers including contact information, pre and post hire timeframe, percent of training reimbursable, number of clients placed annually, subject areas, companies served, short description of services Training Programs Vocational schools, locations, full and part-time enrollment, select program information Vocational Schools
  44. 44 Tra inin g a nd Educa tio n Listing

    of schools including location, enrollment, number of majors, special programs, annual graduates from select areas of study U n i v e r s i t i e s a n d C o l l e g e s : F o u r Y e a r I n s t i t u t i o n s Listing of schools including location, enrollment, annual graduates, percent attending 4 year schools, special programs, selected program information U n i v e r s i t i e s a n d C o l l e g e s : T w o Y e a r I n s t i t u t i o n s Providers including contact information, fields of study, special services, specific industry programs, short description C o n t i n u i n g E d u c a t i o n
  45. 45 6 . B u s i n e s

    s O v e r v i e w
  46. 46 B u s i n e s s O

    v e r v i e w : M a j o r E m p l o y e r s Why have companies located in your community? Testimonials: Video embed or quotes on proposals and website Share business expansion stories Sources: RefGov USA, BR&E, NMP website, NM Manufactures data base, Hoovers
  47. 47 Business Overview Number of establishments, employees, sales by two-

    digit industry sectors Industry Sectors Number of establishments by employment size class by two-digit industry sectors Size of Establishments Ten leading manufacturing companies including location, SIC code, product or service, year established, employment, occupational categories of employees, union status and name, parent company Top Manufacturing Companies
  48. 48 Business Overview Ten leading distribution companies including location, SIC

    code, product or service, year established, employment, occupational categories of employees, union status and name, parent company Top Distribution Companies Ten leading office or professional companies including location, SIC code, product or service, year established, employment, occupational categories of employees, union status and name, parent company Top Office or Professional Companies
  49. 49 Business Overview Ten leading service companies in the area

    including location, SIC code, product or service, year established, employment, occupational categories of employees, union status and name, parent company Top Service Companies Ten leading R&D companies including location, affiliation, research specialty, annual funding, number of R&D personnel, total employment T o p R e s e a r c h a n d D e v e l o p m e n t C o m p a n i e s Name of base, location, branch of armed services, description of operations, total civilian and military personnel, average retiring personnel per year, official closing status Milit ary Base & In st allat ion s
  50. 50 Business Overview Five most recently located firms, location, SIC

    code, product or service, function, year located, current and projected employment, union status Ne w t o t he Are a Five most recent expansions of existing companies, location, SIC code, product or service, function, years located and expanded, pre and post expansion employment, union status Expan sion s , New Facilities Businesses with recent layoffs or closings, location, SIC code, product or service, function, year established, year of layoffs, type and cause, pre and post layoff employment, union status L a y o f f s a n d C l o s i n g i n t h e L a s t T h r e e Y e a r s
  51. 51 More Business Overview Names of trade organizations, contact information,

    short description Trade Organ izat ion s Number of business support firms by type Busin e ss S upport S e rvice s International associations and businesses, country or orientation, number of members, business or fraternal association, contact information In t e rn at ion al Re source s
  52. 52 B u s i n e s s D

    a t a Foreign Institutions – Number of foreign banks and consulates, import/export brokers, domestic banks with international departments, international courier services, language translation firms International Resources – Listing of the ten most significant foreign languages, number of schools teaching language, number of people speaking language, number of specialized schools for nationalities associated with language; listing of the seven most significant foreign countries or regions, local airport that provides service to those areas, number of weekly non- stop flights; local university or college programs colleges dedicated to the study of a foreign country or region Business Rankings – Publication and ranking of local companies and year of ranking Business Assistance Organizations – Name of business organization and short description of services
  53. 53 7 . C o m m u n i

    t y O v e r v i e w
  54. 54 Community Overview – Section for city description & developments/activity/

    investments Population – Total population and growth rates, annual net migration Racial and Ethnic Composition – Population by race/ethnicity and percent change, population by age groups and percent change
  55. 55 Educational Attainment- Number of school years completed Buying Power

    – Effective buying income, distribution of households by income range, median household income Community Rankings- Publication name and ranking for past four years
  56. Assets Region 1: -San Juan Basin: oil, natural gas, coal

    and coal bed methane. -Grants Uranium district. NM is 2nd in uranium reserves in the U.S. -NM is 7th in the Nation for natural gas production -TransCon Rail by BNSF -Access to I-40 - Navajo Nation -Regional health care hub Region 2: -Los Alamos National Laboratory -Santa Fe Studios -NRA Whittington Center -I-25 access -Touristic region -Outdoor Destination -Santa Fe Institute (research institute) Region 3: -Sandia National Laboratories -Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute - Kirtland AFB -Center of Integrated Nanotechnologies -Air Force Research Laboratory -Intel -Albuquerque Studios - I-40 & I-25 Intersection
  57. Assets Region 4: -Canon AFB -Access to I-40 -Cattle &

    Ranching -Class 4 Winds -Southwest Cheese Headquarters – NM is 5th in cheese production Region 5: -Freeport- McMoran mining operation -Access to I-10 -Access to Union Pacific Rail (to Long Beach) -Columbus Port of Entry (U.S./Mexico border) -High concentrated solar power and direct solar radiation Region 6: -Permian Basin - NM 5TH in the Nation for crude oil production -White Sands Missile Range – Restricted airspace -Holloman AFB -Uranium enrichment facility (URENCO) Potash mines Roswell International Air Center (MRO) -Significant dairy production Region 7: -Part of the Borderplex which is the 7th largest manufacturing center in North America -Santa Teresa Intermodal Terminal by UP -Santa Teresa Port of Entry (U.S./Mexico border) -Spaceport America -Physical Science Labs -Top producer in the U.S. for pecans & chile
  58. 58 8 . T r a n s p o

    r t a t i o n & L o g i s t i c s I n f r a s t r u c t u r e
  59. 59 • Maps of rail, interstate, airports • Flights information:

    Direct, distance, capabilities • Add distances to major markets • Public transportation information • Use a GIS system or Google Maps / Google Earth and import KMZ files • Source: US Census TIGER – shapefiles, GIS at municipality
  60. Distance to Major Markets – Listing of major markets, including

    mileage and driving time to each Major Nearby Highways – Listing of major highways, including type, number of lanes, distance from the central business district, destinations, planned improvements Nearest International, Commercial, Commuter Airports-Listing of airports including location, distance, type of service, FAA hub classification, average delay time, weather closures per year, daily non-stop flights and destinations, hours of operation, names of carriers, approved new service and capital expansion plans
  61. General Aviation -Listing of general aviation airports including location, hours

    of operation, distance, runway length, weather closures per year, instrument landing capability Cargo Handling at Nearby Airports- Annual enplaned freight and mail tons, presence of customs agent, number of enplanements Rail Services – Listing of the rail transportation providers, switching frequency, miles to nearest switching yard and intermodal location, equipment, affiliation with parent company, classification
  62. Nearest Deepwater Ports – Listing of deepwater ports including location,

    type, distance, channel depth, presence of turning basins, barging facilities, and customs agent, annual tonnage, highways and railways serving the port, short description of services provided; number of freight forwarders, import/export brokers, international courier firms Foreign Trade Zones – Listing of the foreign trade zones including location, designation, operator, number of acres Customs Ports of Entry – Listing of ports of entry including location and type Public Transportation – Listing of public transportation including type, service area and operator
  63. Motor Freight and Contract Carriers – Listing of major freight

    carriers including contact information, terminal location, services and area served Motor Freight Transportation Businesses – Number of firms, total employees, total sales in each four-digit SIC code for motor freight transportation; number of bonded and public warehouses Parcel Carriers – Top parcel carriers including location, hub class, last drop-off, earliest delivery, Saturday delivery, zone class, terminal United States Post Office – Characteristics of local USPS including distance to general mail facility, percent of on-time mail, efficiency rating, location of and distance to bulk mail facility, delivery territory for guaranteed service
  64. 64 9 . Q u a l i t y

    o f L i f e
  65. Quality of Life • Cost of Living Ranking – Ranking

    by category for comparative areas • Single Family Home Affordability Index - Affordability index for comparative areas • Housing Costs – Median list and sales price, average days on market, number of homes on the market for new and resale homes; number of properties and average list price for middle management residential areas; number of new and used homes by sale price; number and price range of single family home rentals; vacancy rate and average monthly rents for apartment rentals • Crime Rate – Number of crimes and crime rate by category of violent and property crime • K-12 Education – Listing of elementary and high school districts including number of schools, enrollment, teacher/pupil ratio, spending per pupil, drop out rate, achievement test scores, school to work programs, business-school partnerships, tech prep, occupational clusters, special magnet schools, special honors or distinctions • Private Education – Listing of schools including location, enrollment, grade range, average annual tuition
  66. Quality of Life • Educational Achievements – Number of merit

    scholars, percent of seniors attending college or entering labor force, existence of mandatory competency test for graduation • Child Care – Number of licensed providers and total capacity • Health Care – Listing of hospitals including distance from city, number of beds, cost of semi-private room; number of outpatient clinics, physicians, dentists, average health care costs • Hotels and Conference Facilities – Listing of hotels including location, number of rooms, corporate single rate • Social and Cultural Amenities – Listing, location, achievements of local symphony, opera, ballet and dance companies, galleries, museums, public libraries, theater companies; number of religious facilities by type • Sports, Recreation, and Attractions – Listing of major, minor, collegiate, professional sports teams; location and brief description of top ten local attractions; listing of enclosed shopping malls • Climate – Average high and low temperatures, rain fall, snow fall, wind speed, number of sunny days per year, elevation
  67. 67 1 0 . U t i l i t

    i e s
  68. 68 Electric Power – Local distributing company, contact information, communities

    served, substation locations Monthly Electric Costs – Average cost per kilowatt-hour for small, medium, and large industrial and commercial users with both high and low load factors
  69. 69 Natural Gas – Local distributing company, contact information, average

    cost per million cubic feet for commercial, medium and large industrial, interruptible service Water – Local providers, contact information, supply source, percent of population served, connection fee, average cost per 1,000 gallons, maximum capacity, peak demand, average daily demand, chemical breakdown of water, expansion plans Wastewater – Local providers, contact information, type of service, connection fees, average cost per 1,000 gallons, maximum capacity, peak demand, average daily demand, expansion plans
  70. 70 Waste Disposal – Local landfills hazardous waste disposal providers,

    and materials recovery facilities including distance from the city, years of capacity available, approved local haulers available, expansion plans, pick up service, recycling incentives, class Telecommunications – Availability and short description of telecommunication technologies, points of presence; listing of local providers, long distance providers, internet service providers, and interexchange carriers, switch technology - optional
  71. 71 1 1 . O r g a n i

    z a t i o n a l D a t a
  72. Organizational Data Internal filing vs. Outside data accessibility *Goal: Embeddable

    and downloadable Also: Performance Metrics ( BR&E, Entrepreneurship, Business Attraction) for stakeholders. CRM: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Planner, ACT, HubSpot: *Use a cloud-based SaaS for cross platform access • http://www.softwareadvice.com/crm/ • Top 40 CRM Software comparisons
  73. 73 Research & Statistics Charles Lehman, Employment & Economic Information

    Center of NM Dona Ana County Case Study
  74. Comments • Business decisions have become more data driven •

    Make sure your EDO has the right tools in house to help respond to research questions • Tailor data to your audience • Quick response time
  75. 75 Putting It All Together: Holistic Considerations Customer-friendly : visual

    interactive customized downloadable updated (visual & dynamic) , GIS , videos, info graphics, pictures • Mobile version • Information available online • Promote your rankings Consider state, regional and community level Consider age of site selector Consider global environment Website
  76. 76 Questions? Nathan Tafoya, CEcD 806.414.6086 (m) nathantafoya@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathantafoya Charles

    Lehman 505.270.0171 (m) Charlesj.lehman@gmail.com