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The Basic Course - Deborah Burns

The Basic Course - Deborah Burns

Mark Lautman

August 14, 2020

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  1. • Current capital markets investment policies lead to massive private

    investment capital disintermediation from smaller cities and communities through out the US, concentrating investment in major cities. • Results in lack of investment to meet community needs for housing, jobs, medical facilities, etc. • The financial crisis and ensuing capital constraints dismantled financial intermediaries and qualified workforce in smaller cities and communities. • Banks and other financial institutions don’t provide the standard banking and investment products and services in smaller cities and communities that exist in major cities. • Economic growth stagnates due to lack of capital investment. The Challenge For Smaller Communities.
  2. The Need. Now 52 million Americans (1 in 6) live

    in economically distressed communities.
  3. The Solution New Private Capital Conduits • Private financing for

    government projects • Municipal financing rates • Retain title through lease structures • Finance capital improvements • Public Private Partnerships • Impact Investors • Private development of public projects • Private improvements of public projects • Opportunity Zone Funds • Opportunity Zone incentives • Equity capital for private projects Content edits - DB
  4. Catalyst for Communities and Various Stakeholders • Outreach – Connecting

    with community leaders. • Education – Providing requirements for private financing sources. • Connecting - Community development needs with capital sources. • Assisting - Communities in meeting requirements for private funding. • Structuring - public private partnerships and private financings. • Advisory – Community resource to private business and developers.
  5. Initiatives (1) investUS Opportunity Fund, LLC is offering $100,000,000 Class

    A shares of common stock to accredited and institutional investors with the following characteristics: • $100,000,000 Offering • Minimum $50,000 investment • Each Share has a face value of $1.00 • Private offering under Regulation D 506 (c) exemption from registration with the Securities Exchange Commission.
  6. Tax Deferred In. Tax Free Out. Investor Tax Benefits 100%

    DEFERMENT OF GAIN TAX TILL 2026 * * The investor’s investment in the investUS Opportunity Fund is “stepped up” to the fair market value of the funds’ interests at the 10 year mark, not the investor’s original capital gain. The tax on the investor’s original capital gain is due as of 12/31/2026.
  7. Initiatives (2) investUS, LLC is a US Citizenship and Immigration

    Service (“USCIS”) designated EB-5 Regional Center www.investUS-EB5.com • Provides low cost subordinated debt and/or equity financing to New Mexico real estate projects and businesses through foreign investment by individuals and their families seeking permanent residence in the US. • Pursuing strategic partnerships with several sources of foreign investors that also have a pipleline of EB-5 eligible projects. • Working with various tribal groups to identify an EB-5 project eligible for expedited processing program.
  8. Initiatives (3) investUS, LLC Has strategic relationships with various sources

    of private equity and debt funding for municipalities, businesses and real estate development projects in underserved markets as: • Alternatives to bank loans • Access to Institutional debt and equity • Municipal financing alternatives • Federal funding programs
  9. Initiatives (4) investUS QO Fund Manager, LLC • Provides Opportunity

    Zone investment advisory services in under-served markets. • Provides custom Opportunity Fund formation and documentation to under-served markets. • Provides institutional investment expertise as a fund manager to custom Opportunity Funds in under-served markets. • Provides referrals to top Opportunity Zone legislation tax advisors and attorneys to support communities, businesses and individuals utilize the Opportunity Zone tax benefits. Content edits - DB
  10. The investUS Managers. Deborah Burns, Managing Partner. Ms. Burns’ financial

    career spans more than 30 years and includes roles as an institutional investment officer in New York City, finance officer at a New Mexico start-up company that became she honed her ability to determine key factors for business sustainability, profitability and growth in a wide variety of industries. During her investment career, she analyzed more than 3,000 businesses and invested more than $3 billion. During the 1990s, Ms. Burns founded the Project Finance Group at TIAA-CREF and she was the lead institutional investor for construction and long-term investments in the US and emerging markets. Nathan Fellers, CFA, Managing Director. Mr. Fellers is a results-oriented investment professional with over 20 years of experience in the areas of portfolio management, trading, risk management, financial modeling, and corporate finance. His experience comes from various institutional investment management roles including Investment Officer at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, Senior Portfolio Manager and Treasurer at a $50 billion REIT, and most recently, Investment Manager for a $5+ billion corporate pension plan. In each of these roles, Mr. Fellers has directly or indirectly managed $5 - $50 billion in investment capital deployed across numerous asset classes ranging from real estate to securitized debt to emerging market equites.