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The Basic Course - Guillermo Mazier

The Basic Course - Guillermo Mazier

Mark Lautman

August 07, 2020

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  1. Key Takeaways 1. We are living and working in unprecedented

    times 2. The best strategies are not about the ideas that they create but rather the solutions they deliver. Random acts of marketing/attraction don’t work 3. Great strategies is often require change which hard and often uncomfortable 4. Lack of strategic communication breeds assumptions and more often than not assumptions are incorrect. 5. Good strategy has you thinking about big picture and granular details
  2. Key Takeaways for New Mexican EDO’s 1. New Mexico doesn’t

    have a clear business identity 2. Advocate for coordinated efforts. Working together will take you further 3. If you are a not from a major city is is likely that your targets don’t know who you are 4. A focus on targeted communications, collaboration and storytelling will help support the transactions/projects in the future 5. Invest in digital marketing across channels where you can find the right audience.
  3. “Reputations are won in times of crisis.” How you handle

    crisis can make or break your public image.
  4. STAGE 1: CRISIS RELIEF Mitigating effects on workforce STAGE 3:

    SOCIAL IMPACT Managing economic opportunity, the future of work, inequality, social norms STAGE 4: GROWTH Realizing gains from relief mitigation efforts and analysis, new strategies, etc. STAGE 2: ECONOMIC RELIEF Jobs and investments, mitigating economic losses THRESHOLD Stage where the market level-sets CHANGE CHANGE Stages of Global Crisis
  5. STAGE 1: CRISIS RELIEF Communicating facts to your constituency. Inspiring.

    Giving hope. STAGE 3: SOCIAL IMPACT Amplify human interest stories, companies that have helped you during time of crisis STAGE 4: GROWTH Communicating the sum total of these changes, new post- crisis brand narrative + identity STAGE 2: ECONOMIC RELIEF Communicating to constituents + also rest of world. Provide timely info. Inspiration and info. THRESHOLD Stage where the market level-sets PIVOT MARKETING STAGES OF GLOBAL CRISIS COMMS PIVOT MARKETING
  6. RESULT We tell the wrong stories. We hurt the client

    experience BELIEF We know what we need. We can overlook research and strategy for execution. RESULT We fail to innovate. BELIEF We have always don’t it this way. If it’s not broke don’t fix it RESULT We focus on selling and lead generation instead of marketing and storytelling. BELIEF We can show quick wins by seeking out individual opportunities RESULT We think our locations will sell themselves. BELIEF Global economic growth will ensure our growth. The 4 Myths of EDO Marketing
  7. Competitors Offering EDO Capabilities Who is your customer and what

    do they need? How can you server your customer’s customer? Customer Needs What are the skills that your EDO can bring to the table to best communicate your community’s assets to the needs of your customers? EDO Capabilities Who do you compete with and what is the market offering that you are not? How are they marketing themselves? Competitors Offering Customer Needs Next Gen Marketing + Attraction Strategy Where are you going? And how will you get there? THE SWEET SPOT It’s impossible to execute a strategy if you don’t know what it is. This results in frustration among business development, marketing, research and all those in between. Where customers’ needs and your community’s unique capabilities overlap is what many refer to as the “strategic sweet spot.”
  8. 7 Key Success Factors in EDO Marketing 1. Research and

    Discovery 2. Positioning 3. Marketing Personas and Storytelling 4. Goal creation 5. Program Development (The Mix) 6. Budgeting 7. Tactical calendar
  9. 01 02 03 04 08 07 06 05 09 10

    11 Execution The main goal of research for investment promotion is to find competitive advantages that will support effective communications.Quality research will enable you to credibly answer the following questions: Who is your target audience? What are their problems? What solutions do you have to solve their problems? How will you communicate with them? Timeline Budget Positioning Tactics Workforce Competitive Perception Industry Narrative Messaging Strategy How Research Leads to Execution Research Marketing Strategy Marketing Execution
  10. What Does Your Audience Think? Marketing is not a battle

    of products, it is battle of perceptions. Source: Marketing Audit of Renault and Volkswagen https://rockstarsbm.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/perceptual-maps/
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  14. Research Leads to Competitive Positioning YOUR EDO PROVIDES Talk about

    the value that your organization provides. UNLIKE OTHER SOUTHWEST US STATES What makes New Mexico different NEW MEXICO IS Talk about how New Mexico meets their needs FOR CORPORATE EXECUTIVES AND CONSULTANTS WHO NEED to lower their operating costs………
  15. Resources 1. Excel spreadsheet with sample KPI’s 2. IDA Reporting

    Template 3. Columbus business development metrics 4. TN Digital dashboard
  16. 53 Public + Media Relations EDO’s endorsed by reputable third

    party organizations are perceived to be more credible. Trust leads to inquiry and faster conversations.

  18. 28% Of EDO professionalsunderstand how to leverage digital tools to

    improve business development and marketing performance Conway research 2018 A New Opportunity in Digital?
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