Storystorming - A Debut Performance

2999fab21d182294fad0b2cc590fd54d?s=47 Martin Schimak
September 02, 2019

Storystorming - A Debut Performance

Ten colors, six tools, one goal: Storystorming is a very lightweight approach for understanding your organisation's problems, designing suitable solutions and transparently planning their implementation. Storystorming seamlessly integrates impact mapping, event storming, domain storytelling, user story mapping, collaboration modelling and example mapping into one cohesive approach using ten colors of sticky notes. Using these six tools, rooted in agility, domain-driven design (DDD) and behavior driven development (BDD), Storystorming fosters an intensive collaboration between business and technology experts. Now they can connect the dots and discover what your organisation needs to remain successful.


Martin Schimak

September 02, 2019